A Beginner’s Guide to Buy a Cute Moses Basket

Whether you are a brand-new parent or parent-to-be, it seems that learning about the numerous items that a baby needs for their day-to-day functioning can be overwhelming.

From learning about the different types of diapers to learning how you are supposed to swaddle them and more, it seems that being a parent is not all sunshine and roses. However, newborns are pretty adorable, and while they may make it difficult for you to get enough rest, they make up for it with their cuteness.

As parents to be or parents to a newborn, you will want to preserve the initial moments with your child and ensure that they are as comfortable as they can be. Here’s where baby accessories like Moses baskets step in! They’re not just cute additions for your newborn’s photoshoot; instead, they can be quite useful to help your baby nap comfortably while allowing you to get work done around the house.

Learning About the Moses Basket

When you think about where your baby will sleep, the first things to pop into your mind may be cribs or bassinets. However, a Moses basket can be quite practical for newborns and are much more portable.

Traditionally a Moses basket is made using woven wicker, but several companies are coming up with innovative baskets made from recycled plastic. This basket is much more portable and ideal for new-born babies to three-month-olds or until your baby grows out of it. Usually, the shorter time frame that one can use a Moses basket makes parents shy away.

However, a Moses basket is light and highly portable; some baskets come with a foldable stand that ensures that your baby can safely nap anywhere in the house.

Whether you are in the kitchen or getting some work done in your office, you won’t have to rely on your Baby monitor at all times. Hence, Moses baskets can be trendy for parents who need to get a lot of work done around their home but do not want to leave their baby alone.

What Should You Look for in a Moses Basket?

When it comes to a Moses basket, you will find several options in the market. Hence, it can be hard to decide which one is the best choice for your baby. Understanding what a Moses basket should provide will ensure that you do to regret your purchase. While most parents only get short use of their Moses basket, they still view it as a worthwhile purchase. Here is what you should look for when you purchase your baby’s Moses basket.

Safety Standards 

Safety is crucial no matter which item you buy, but it is imperative to buy a Moses basket where your baby will sleep. Ensure that any Moses basket you are looking at adheres to all of the safety standards specified by the health department.

Supportive Mattress

When selecting a Moses basket, the mattress is just as important. Because of the smaller size of a Moses basket, it can be challenging to find a separate mattress for them unless it comes with the basket. Luckily, most Moses baskets come with a supportive mattress; keep in mind that the mattress should match your newborn’s safety standards to sleep in it comfortably.


When selecting the Moses basket, ensure that you select a sturdy yet comfortable material. Plastic (or recycled plastic) or fabric-lined baskets are excellent choices rather than plain wicker. Often, wickers are much more challenging to clean, and they tend to make a lot of noise. Hence, to ensure that your baby is comfortable, make sure that you pay attention to the material and select comfortable and easy to clean.

Accessories and Additional Features

Purchasing a Moses basket is not as it used to be. They have evolved quite a bit and made to incorporate some useful features. In some cases, the features do not add much to the use and are only there for aesthetic purposes, while other elements are indispensable.

When purchasing this basket, ensure that you purchase one which comes with a stand that can easily fit the basket. It makes the basket much more portable and allows your baby to nap comfortably in any part of the home. A Moses basket with a hood is better than one without because it adds more versatility to the basket.

A Moses basket should be safe, lightweight, and sturdy. While you can only use it for a few months or until your baby can roll over or sit up, they can be quite useful. When you need to run about your home quite often, a Moses basket will become your best friend.


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