The term ADHD refers to “ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER”. It is one of the most common mental or neurodevelopmental disorders. It is often diagnosed in childhood. ADHD affects youngsters and adults. People with ADHD suffer from hyperactive, inattentive and impulsive behavior. Adult ADHD symptoms are not as clear as ADHD childhood symptoms. (see education stress on students, hyperactivity disorder). In adults, there could be many signs and symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. But, treatments are similar for both adults and children. Medications, psychotherapy are some treatments for Adult ADHD. Moreover, there is a relationship between procrastination and ADHD. Adults with ADHD suffer from procrastination. This article explains ADHD and its relationship to procrastination. This article also discusses strategies for coping with this disorder


Many adults with ADHD find it difficult to concentrate on their work, get easily distracted and lack focus.  These symptoms can cause an individual with ADHD to avoid difficult tasks and procrastinate. Moreover, adults unlike children may not suffer from hyperactivity and lack motivation. However, they do suffer from impulsive behavior, acting too quickly before thinking and inattentiveness. These problems often persist among certain adults because of improper diagnosis and lack of treatment. Certain relations between ADHD and procrastination are as follows.

  • The person who struggles from ADHD finds it difficult to start any new task until it becomes a special interest. The reasons may vary, it might be due to the distractions happening outside or some inner thoughts. Because of the disinterest, it makes it difficult for the person to start a simple assignment.
  • Even though the person starts an assignment with or without interest, the individual could easily get distracted by other activities and the completion of the assignment may get delayed. The person who suffers from ADHD finds it very hard to sustain their attention on a task and has difficulty in getting self-motivated. These difficulties can cause an individual with ADHD to lack self-confidence and self-esteem in public meetings.
  • In certain factors, some people spend time more freely by doing no work. But, during the last moment of time, people make fuzz and urgency during the last moments. These are due to ADHD disorder.
  • One important factor that a person struggles from ADHD and procrastination is forgetfulness, lack of prioritizing the work, disorganization and managing the time. In addition to these, the individual could easily be frustrated and easily stressed for certain works. Due to these factors, the person could face fearful thoughts in his/her inner mind. These kinds of problems should be diagnosed at a very early stage.
  • In certain times, it is the quiet less effective experience of time that leads to problems with getting obligations started. If a person has trouble estimating the time it takes to complete a task, then it might possibly position it off, wondering what is allowing enough time to get it done. ADHD can make it hard to tune the passage of time as well, so that you may find that those closing dates sneak up on you before an individual recognizes it.


 It is very difficult to live with a learning disability like ADHD especially for children while in school, but numerous victorious people have overcome their childhood difficulties and succeeded in their life, we can take it Bill Gates has a great example yes, even he was struggling with ADHD, stating that he continuously had difficulty in learning things during his childhood. But now the creator and founder of Microsoft with an estimated net worth of $92 billion.

There are certain methods to overcome adult ADHD and to stop procrastination.

  • Start with fun: As many people who struggle with ADHD do not have the interest to start a new task and assignment. To kick the mood off, start with the fun activities. By doing this, it helps the mind to feel free. It gives a positive approach to the work. Fun activities ( paintings with canvas and Camel artist acrylic colours)  make the person feel energetic towards the work.
  • Work environment & culture: Since it was mentioned that, people who suffer from ADHD do not make the person productive. He/she gets distracted from small activities. To avoid this, maintain a good work environment. To maintain a good work environment, plan your work in the inner mind. Prioritize the task which is to be performed. So, the person could feel frustration and targets.
  • Avoid negativity: One important factor to work effectively and to overcome ADHD is avoiding negative thoughts. People who struggle with ADHD, often have negative self-talk and negative minds. To overcome ADHD procrastination, surround yourself with positivity. Positive minds and positive environment makes the person confident. With the help of positive minds and thoughts, you can build self-esteem and self-confidence among fellow members.
  • Take one step at a time – In certain cases, ADHD makes the person stressed. To avoid this, move one step at a time without rushing. If the task is very large, then break down into small segments and make deep learning towards it. By taking a huge step it may lead to failure. So always break down your task into small pieces and then proceed with it.
  • Prioritization – Adults with ADHD procrastination suffer from impulsive behavior, they often jump from other tasks without completing the existing one. Because of this, they might lack in prioritizing the task. Therefore, to work effectively, question yourself – what’s the most important task and how to schedule it. By raising this question frequently, an individual could stay dedicated to a particular task. Moreover, concentrate more on the existing task. Don’t get deviated often.
  • Yoga and meditation- There are numerous benefits of yoga and meditation. One such is Adult ADHD Procrastination. Through yoga and meditation, it strengthens the brain and teaches you how to focus on something and strengthens the concentration power. Meditation strengthens the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain that involves focus and impulsive behavior.


Every solution has a problem, Adult ADHD procrastination can also be cured slowly. It is easy to diagnose in the childhood stage. Through proper engagement, motivation could help adults who are suffering from ADHD procrastination. However, there are certain complications if ADHD is not properly treated. Although ADHD doesn’t affect psychological and developmental problems. But, other disorders often occur along with ADHD and make some complications during treatment. Other disorders include mood disorder, anxiety disorder, and learning disabilities. 

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