Amazing and Beautiful Birthday Cakes for Baby Girl

It feels like just yesterday when she was born. Ten little toes, ten little fingers, two little eyes, and one charming nose, the second you held her, you and your better half experienced passionate feelings for her! Well, she has grown up a bit but not a lot. She has grown out of your lap, however she will never grow out of your heart. If she is going to get a year older soon, it is the time for you to get her delicious treats and amazing presents. To organise the best birthday party for her, you need to get a delicious birthday cake for baby girl. Below, we have put together some amazing and beautiful birthday cake ideas that will take the celebrations to a whole new level.

Princess Barbie Cake

She is the barbie of your home. How about you let her party with this eye-soothing barbie cake? Wearing velvety buttercream icing, the princess barbie cake is one of the ideal birthday celebration cakes for baby girls and the cake will take the taste buds of everyone in the party for a delicious ride.

Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Shading the special birthday with enchantment, beauty, and wonders by adding charm to the designed table with a unicorn cake. A winding horned unicorn cake with smooth vibrant rosettes and twirls, the fondant unicorn beauty will take your baby girl to a new world, raising the level of celebration.

Doraemon Cake

If your baby girl also likes Doraemon cartoon characters, then a cake in the shape of Doraemon will make her go crazy. She will demand for the gadgets of Doraemon and will get delicious bites in return. There are many variants of this cake available and you can even design one at home by following recipes available over the Internet.

Makeup Cake

Baby girls are makeup lovers in heart and they are very much excited to decorate their whole body with amazing ornaments and makeup elements. The makeup theme cake along with some of their toys and phones in the fondant shape will surely bring a graceful smile on her face.

Minnie Mouse Cake

She is the sweet Minnie that has brought unending happiness to you and your family. Celebrate her birthday with a Minnie mouse designer cake with lovable Minnie dolls, bow, and polka dots in beautiful shades of white and pink.

iPhone Cake

If your baby girl is starting to learn all the cool features of your phone and is always busy clicking selfies with the phone, then this is the perfect cake for her. Make her the happiest with an iPhone shaped delectable cake. She is going to love it.

So, these were the different amazing and beautiful birthday cakes for baby girls that you can easily buy from a reliable online bakery. If you have the proper ingredients and equipment at home, then you can bake and design this cake at home as well. Incorporate these cakes and make your baby girl’s birthday special!

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