6 Easy Care Flowering Houseplants Suitable For Any Type Of Home!

Does your houseplant often tend to die easily, and you can’t find a species of houseplant suitable for your home? Maybe it is because the plant is not getting enough care. Indoor plants require care and regular maintenance in order to thrive.

The green plants bring life to the room and add color if the aesthetics are dull. Plants can be considered as ornaments of the house, which eventually make the place look pretty instantly. Along with that, they even come along with various health benefits for us, like providing fresh oxygen and bye-bye toxins. They also increase the humidity level in the dry seasons. Having said that, plants are a must keep in the house as well. But if you don’t have much time to look after them, then don’t worry, you can still save them from dying. Buy bamboo plants online, which are easy to be taken care of. Following is a list of plants that you can get because they don’t need much of your attention. You can place these plants indoors and still enjoy their bloom because these plants sure know how to thrive in the minimum resources.


African Violets

Each home has an African violet at least once. They appear to prosper for a considerable length of time and afterward give out abruptly without warning. They are top choices since they don’t need a dormant period and can continue blooming all year. What’s more, you can discover the blossoms of African violets in shades of purple, white, and red.

Light African violets incline towards a spot with indirect sun throughout the day, yet will sprout with impressively less sunlight. Morning light is preferred for them over sweltering, evening light. Water: Keep the soil equitably damp, yet not wet. Overwater and Excessively wet, and they’ll decay. Excessively dry and they won’t flower either. Try not to stress, you’ll discover equality.


Peace lily

The Peace lily is an incredible houseplant, so it’s gotten well-known as a perfect housewarming gift. The shiny, dark green leaves are counterbalanced by white spathes or bracts that encase the tiny bloom groups and look practically like variegated leaves. Light: Peace lilies really incline toward a splendid, diffused light. However, since they endure low light and not many blossoming plants do, they have gotten their name as a low light plant.


Allow the soil to dry between watering, yet watch out for it. On the off chance that the soil is dry for a really long time, the leaves will begin to yellow and drop. It is an easy to care plant, and if you can’t find one at a nursery, order indoor plants online where you get almost all types of plants.



These quirky looking plants belong to the pineapple family. Most epiphytes are air plants; however, they can be developed in containers and require less care. You can support bud sets by putting a plastic pack over the plant and walling it in with an apple. The ethylene starts growing. When it begins blooming, it can go for quite a long time. A few varieties additionally have brilliant foliage, adding to the presentation. Light: Bright light is ideal for this blooming plant. The more splendid the light, the more brilliant the bloom shading. In any case, bromeliads don’t prefer to prepare in​the sweltering sun, so use some carefulness throughout the late spring. Water: Let water gather in the cups between leaves. It will inevitably get absorbed in some time.



You might be already used to growing begonias outside. However they make fantastic houseplants too, sprouting consistently in great conditions. A portion of the fancier-leaved variety don’t even needs flowers on them to add color to your house because the leaves will do the needful. Search for the variety with fibrous roots like wax-leafed, angel wing, and bushy leaved varieties. Light: Indoor begonias can take more light than when planted outside since the light is diffused indoors. So place them almost a radiant window, for ideal blooming. Water: Allow the outside of the soil to dry out between watering to avoid overwatering.

These are a few of the easiest to care plants that can be easily grown indoors.

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