The Final Truth: Is John Cena on Steroids or Natural?

Is John Cena on steroids? That’s a question that many people want to know the answer to. And it’s easy to see why because he has a somewhat superhuman body and a stunning physique that you can’t find anywhere else. The truth is that John Cena is not on steroids. He does not take steroids; instead, he maintains a genuine focus on working out and having a proper diet. So, the answer is natural.

How does John Cena maintain that physique?

Now that we know John Cena is not on steroids, it’s imperative to understand why he looks like this. Many people assume that John Cena is on steroids because he has a very large body. John Cena swore that he always kept an excellent workout routine and diet, which allowed him to target specific muscle groups and grow them in the long run. What this means is that he never cheated the system and used steroids. Instead, he attributes his looks solely to hard work and committing to discipline.

Ways to know John Cena is not taking steroids?

You will notice from the start that John Cena has a leaner body mass compared to many bodybuilding championships. In fact, he also competed in many of these events and was tested. There were no steroids found in his body. He started working out ever since he was 12 years old, which allowed him to continue exercising and looking the best he ever did. This is great because it certainly adds to his unique style and outstanding look.

Can you bulk up like John Cena?

According to John Cena, everyone can achieve excellent results like this and obtain huge gains. However, it would help if you worked out consistently and maintained good discipline. That’s not something that will happen right away, and it will take a long time for everything to work how you expect. But that’s the thing; it’s well worth it in the end.

So, is John Cena taking steroids? No, he doesn’t, and he confirmed that multiple times. It’s a great idea to take John Cena as an example since you can bulk up and build muscle mass naturally if you have a good amount of discipline and focus. While it can take some time to achieve that, the results are excellent and well worth your time. Ensure you find a good diet that fits your goals and stay consistent with your workouts!

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