The previous year has been quite hectic for the world and has left some horrible imprints on everyone’s mind. Now that the world has constrained the virus by following strict sops and vaccines being made, it is safer to step out of the elongated home arrest and have some refreshing time out.

Wherever you decide to go, the topmost priority should be the place you pick to stay to make your getaway serene and pleasurable.  So, we have gathered top tips to help you choose a perfect hotel for your next vacation:

1. Hotels rating and reviews

Right now, everyone is social and likes to share the personal experience online. So, the top most factor to consider while deciding your hotel should be to check its ratings and reviews online. Although you shouldn’t entirely rely on the ratings because everyone has different preferences and dislikes but still is a reliable method to read others’ experiences and get an idea of the place. Hotels in Liberia are mostly rated high so you should check them out if you plan to visit there or nearby.

2. Location of the hotel

It is immensely important to consider the location of your hotel before booking. Now the location can depend upon multiple factors. First off, start with the place where you are going for a vacation. If you are going to some countryside or a small beach city, then it is less likely to find a top-class hotel for accommodation. You can find low budget and small rentals that would be perfect if you are on a short budgeted trip.

If you are on a hunting spree of a peaceful, lavish, and luxurious stay then you should go for some posh area like hotels in Liberia specifically for tourists to enjoy their stay away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

3. The budget of the trip

Budget plays a vital role in selecting your stay at any place. If you are on a budgeted trip and do not want to opt for a luxurious stay with chic amenities, then you should look for some lower budgeted hotels that are providing good and hygienic services without compromising on your privacy and health.

If you are out to enjoy your vacation to the fullest along with a luxurious stay, then you should go for the best-rated hotels in the town you are visiting to soak in all the luxuries and peace while staying there. Hotels in Liberia are the best option.

4. Amenities hotel provides

The basic and luxury amenities that a hotel provides play a huge role in the satisfaction of customers. Basic amenities that are free of cost in most hotels are air conditioners, wi-fi, toiletries, and TV in the rooms. Other luxury amenities that some hotels charge for and some provide for free are swimming pools, breakfast, lunch, dinner, saunas, gym, and drinks. If you are in search of a serene getaway and not worried about budget, then any big hotel in the U.S would provide all these amenities for customers. Check with the hotel what amenities are for free and which are paid. Hotels in Liberia are providing all the lavish amenities and a peaceful getaway from your worries.

5. Following all SOPs

Even though the world has resumed, the pandemic is still not over hence, select a hotel that is strictly following all the sops. Make sure the hotel is checking that the customers are COVID-19 negative. And every place, room, covers, and bed sheets are washed and sanitized. The hotel is not overly crowded. The hotel is big enough to maintain a safer social distance between customers, and masks are mandatory.

6. Book a hotel according to your food preference:

Food is something that people are really specific about. Everyone has different taste buds, hence different preferences. Some are on diet, some like their food to be customized, and some are on the hunger hunt of trying something new. So, choose a hotel according to your food needs. If you want to try the local food or other restaurants in the area, simply go to a hotel just for a stay. It could save you extra bucks for the trip too.

If you need your food customized or self-cooked, then you can always go for rentals that provide a kitchen to meet such requirements.

And if you are a fan of fine dining or like your food within the comfort of your room and bed then you can opt for hotels that provide food in bed services or have their restaurant and cafes.

7. Know your public type

While traveling, we do not get to choose our preferred type of people to be around. But you can book a hotel that matches your vibe. Wondering how? Well, you can check on the hotel’s website and from online reviews of the people that what type of people visit the hotel, you wish to choose.

So, if you are a solo traveler or in a group of friends, then go for a hotel that provides entertaining facilities and have a chill and party aura.

Whereas if you are with a family or with your partner you can go for a hotel that is around some peaceful ambiance with no disturbance in privacy or tranquility.


A vacation is your precious time out with your loved ones or all by yourself wanting some me-time. Poor sanity and an unpleasant vibe of the hotel could be a tremendous turn-off for your vacay mood. But after considering all these factors, we hope you will pick up just the right hotel for your next trip according to your budget and preferences. We suggest hotels in Liberia for a perfect trip and hope you enjoy your time out.


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