What are the requirements for applying to medicine in Caribbean medical school?

Have you been wondering what you need to have to become a physician?

To get the answer to this you need to be familiarized with the admission requirements for the Caribbean University School of medicine.

In this blog post, we will talk about the necessities that required to be fulfilled to make it a successful application and the medical school admission requirements that need special attention.


What are some of the general admission requirements to be a Caribbean medical school candidate?

For applicants who are permanent residents or citizens of the United States [U.S.].

135 quarter hours [90 semester hours] off undergraduate studies, which is a minimum of three years of premedical training from an aggregated college or university.

When selecting applicants as future MD candidates the admission committee will tend to prefer those who have completed an undergraduate qualification or higher education studies.

For applicants who are US nationals or citizens or permanent residents, as well as students from all other nationalities it is strongly suggested that you take the Medical College admission test [MCAT], besides the basic requirements that are mentioned in the later sections.


Pre MD coursework the premedical requirements for admission are considered on an individual basis.

It mainly includes subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, English and additional curriculum related mainly to medical disciplines and communication.


Next comes the English proficiency demonstration, as English is the language of instruction at every Caribbean Medical College.

The test of English as a foreign language [TOEFL] is recommended to be qualified with good marks before sending in your application.


Applicants are also expected to have patient care experience of a minimum of 50 hours.

This includes direct patient care experience from volunteering in a hospital setting, serving as an emergency medical technician [EMT] or even shadowing physicians.


If you reside in a country other than the US or Canada, it is crucial for you to complete your undergraduate program in medicine before you fill in your application.

This will facilitate the smooth progress of your visa application as well as fulfil the requisite clinical training quota that is required to study in the Caribbean.


Lastly, there are certain technical skills and abilities that you are expected to possess if you want to make your candidate shine.

You must be capable of processing information based on the Medical Sciences and demonstrate experimental acumen.


Another important skill would be to extract information out of nonverbal cues!

Make sure you’re mentally upbeat to participate in emergency treatments and implement your motor skills to conduct physical and mental status examinations.

The application process admissions committee Caribbean medical school will also judge you based on your efficiency in making clinical decisions!

You must be competent enough to meet applicable deadlines and clinical responsibilities.


Feel free to reach out to us for guidance towards helping you achieve all these requirements and support towards acquiring any skills that you may lack currently.

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This article was written by Deblina Dam.

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