The fireplace’s white transformation is officially complete! Learn how we use cheap finishes, BM White Dove paint, and subway marble tiles to give you a fresh look. The opinion is 100% mine.

I have been waiting for a long time to share a fireplace update with you. Since we started this home renovation project, it seems to have always been like this, right? It looks like we did it, but we don’t have much time.

Fortunately, this is a bit sloping, we did not miss the opportunity to use the electric white fireplace, but due to the heavy snow this week, this is the best time to light the fireplace again. The look is completely new, can’t wait to decorate everything for the holidays! When we started to renovate the first floor, the plan was to upgrade the fireplace from the original structure as much as possible to reduce costs. The existing chimney is irrelevant, but the textured surface, rounded corners, and arches should be removed.

Most of the time, I try to minimize the decoration of the fireplace. I usually start with a mirror, tilt the artwork forward, and end with potted plants or candles. I do like to increase it twice a year, so a generous fireplace is the best for us.



In order to obtain the required depth, we must first remove the top of the old chimney before covering it with plasterboard. This means making big holes where the original frame is located. We have no choice but to form a new group.

Since we plan to paint the entire fireplace in white (I love white fireplaces), we were able to reduce costs by using MDF and simple metric plaster. I drew up a rough plan for remodeling the fireplace and worked with a carpenter to find the perfect design. As many of you asked me, I have compiled a post that includes the front and sides of the fireplace and the dimensions. I have also added a list of construction materials.

The carpenter cut a 3/4 inch MDF board to finish the top of the fireplace, and cut it in front using the same material. We will use it to create a layer at the bottom of the foundation. Most importantly, we used MDF panels, door stop materials, and molded parts. We want a clean look, but if you are looking for more detailed information, there are multiple trim levels to choose from. This is an inexpensive way to personalize the fireplace.


All the nail holes have been filled and polished, and then painted with Benjamin Moore White Dove for primer and spray-our painter makes the finish perfect! In a mess, we decided to clean up the popcorn ceiling and bring “Fashion Forward” ourselves. Cornices are all over the living room. How many amazing details can improve the appearance of the room is amazing. The white shower ceiling and installed built-in lights now look like this. The general difference in the brightness of the living room.



For the fireplace and fireplace siding, we chose polished 2×4 subway marble tiles. This is a perfect combination of gray, brown, and white, which can match the color of the entire floor and give the room a little personality. I think this is a style that will stand the test of time, and I like the look of the marble fireplace!

Because the color of marble varies greatly, it is important to carefully understand the appearance of the tiles before installation. After placing them all, I had to exchange some items in the shop to find the right balance, because some of them were brighter or darker than others. I suggest you do this before you start tiling to avoid major disappointment.

Carpenters took into account the depth of the tiles when laying the cladding, so tilers can slide the marble underneath to get a perfect look.


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