10 Things to do to make Father’s Day special

Father’s day is indeed a very special occasion for everyone out there! It is not just the celebration and appreciation of fathers everywhere and the love and cares they shower us with, but it is also symbolic of the bond a father and his off-spring share. It is the celebration of that beautiful bond too. While one should not wait for one particular day to express the love and affection they have for their father, father’s day is the perfect excuse for you to take out quality time to spend with the most important man in your life.

Here are 10 fun things you can do with your father this father’s day and make the occasion even more special:

    1. Surprise him that one thing he always wanted

According to the unrealistic standards of society, it is perceived as if it is always the fundamental duty of the father to look after his family’s needs and fulfill their wishes over his own. While a constant effort to break the shackles of the patriarchal society is quite evident, yet it is a very common sight to see a father putting his own needs and wishes on the back foot in comparisons to the wants to his family. This father’s day gift your father that one thing he always wanted but would never get it on his own. Gift him the chance to prioritize his own needs first and make your father’s day celebration even more special.

    2. Give him the chance to take a break

More than anything else, one thing every father almost always craves for is a moment of peace with his cup of tea and morning newspaper. This father’s day, give him the chance to extend that brief moment of peace! Gift him a day-off from fatherly duties and encourage him to let his hair down and relax.

    3. Take him on a vacation

When was the last time you saw your father planning himself a weekend getaway, other than a work related trip? Can’t recall? Well, chances are- neither can he! If you really want to make this father’s day celebration count, one of the best ways to make that happen is by planning out a vacation with him where you both can spend quality time together, without worrying about the day to day responsibilities and deadlines.

    4. Make him his favorite dish

Whoever said “food can’t solve all problems” was probably a fool! This father’s day surprises your old man with his all time favourite dish and wins his heart. Gift him the ultimate result of your time and efforts and watch him smile ear to ear as he enjoys his favourite dish made by his favourite person.

    5. Bring out the board games!

When you think about your own childhood, your father is probably a key element of those beautiful, fun memories. But while you were enjoying your childhood, your father had to give up on his own hidden child to make a better world for you to live in. This father’s day give him the chance to bring out that child again with fun board games that will take him back to his own childhood!

    6. Go out on a picnic!

While our whole life is getting confined into 4 walls, different locations. It’s time that you take a time-out with your father and spend some quality time outside together. If you wish to make Father’s day even more special for your father, then pack up his favourite dishes, get hold of some fun outdoor games, and head out to the park in the basking sun!

    7. Get him a personalized gift

Gifts are obviously a very important part of any celebration or special occasion, but why not take it up a notch with personalized gifts for your father? This father’s day, get the most special man of your life a customized painting or memory frame and make his heart melt into a puddle.

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    8. Get him the gift of health

Throughout your life, from your very first breath to the person you are today, your father has looked after your health and your comfort. Now, it’s your turn to return the same love and affection in the best way possible. Gift your father the chance to put his health first by signing up for gym or yoga classes, and get him enrolled for quarterly health check ups too!

    9. Take him to his favourite restaurant

While food cooked by you will obviously do the trick, but in case you are not able to execute that idea, take him out for dinner or lunch to his favourite restaurant! This way you are not just treating him to a hearty meal of his preference, but also express your love and affection for him through your attention to detail.

    10. Tell him that you love him

Although all the above ideas are definitely going to rock his day, nothing will mean more to him than your love and affection. Express how much you love him and care for him and watch him glow with happiness.

Enjoy these 10 Father’s day tips and make his day!


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