7 Common Migraine Myths Dispelled

People often use the same term headache for migraines but those who are familiar with these excruciating pains know best how wrong this nomenclature is!

Headaches do not even come close to the pain that a person experiences during those episodes of migraine. But the only difference between a headache and a migraine is not just due to the name. According to the best physician in Lahore, most of the time people trust the word of the street. This is not a sound practice as you should not subject your health to these rumors. 

Let us debunk these myths and misconceptions related to headaches together. 

Difference Between Fact and Myth

It is very important for people to know what is true and what is a myth when it comes to health. Health is a very sensitive topic and it needs to be handled with utmost care and delicacy. Make sure to read till the end if you want to learn health in the right manner.

Busting the Migraine Myths 

Myth 1;  Migraine is just a Headache

The most annoying thing for people with migraines is that they often hear that these pains are nothing but your regular pains in the head. Migraines are anything but common headaches. 

For people who are not aware, migraines are so much more than just head pains. It is a chronic neurologic disease. 

It is not just a splitting of the brain into two parts, with one part hurting more than the other one. Migraine is a whole package that also includes nausea, vomiting, the sensitivity of the light, sound, and touch. It can even cause blurry vision in people. 

So make sure to think twice, before you say that migraine is just an average headache. 

Myth 2; Migraines are Common in Adults Only

This is the right time that we get this myth busted. The fact is that children do get headaches but they are unable to express the pain. But on the other hand, adults can inform about the painful experience in a more vivid manner. 

So you should not think for one second that if they are not expressing it properly, children do not have it. Keep an eye on your children and make sure to take it seriously when they tell you that their heads are in pain. 

Myth 3; Migraines, Oh! They are All The Same

No, there is not a single shred of truth in this statement, migraines are not the same. People often assume that they suffer from the same general symptoms of migraine, but this is not the regular pattern. Sometimes people throw up when they get migraines and sometimes they do not.

It would be foolish of people to assume that all migraines are of the same type and spectrum. Sometimes these pains render you unable to function and sometimes you are able to function on a daily basis. People can get affected by migraines in their entire severity even if they do not have the usual symptoms.  

Myth 4; Migraine is a Short-Lived Nuisance 

Trust us when we say this, if you have migraines it is here to stay. Migraine is not just your usual pain that can come and go just like that. It announces its presence long before and stays with you for a significant time. 

Doctors often describe it as a long and excruciatingly painful process. Most of the time it has four stages and spanns up to six days. So we would like to clarify this misconception that it is a temporary nuisance because trust us it is not! 

Myth 5; Migraines are Gender-Specific

There is a partial truth to this side of the story. Yes, it is true women are more prone to headaches. There is some underlying hormonal factor to support this fact. But it does not in any sense mean that boys or men cannot get migraines.

An interesting fact even points out that during their childhood most of the boys are affected by these pains. But girls are vulnerable to such attacks in their teen years. So it would be unwise to say with reluctance that only women get these headaches. You may not have them but your child can get them even in his or her teen years. 

The Bottom Line

Migraines are a serious medical condition and people should be aware of its effects, symptoms, and the rumors that are associated with it. Because it is only with the help of the right and authentic issues that we can fight off these deadly pains. 

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