EmSculpt Neo: The newest 2-in-1 Therapy for Body Shaping and Muscle Building

Everybody is unique and the part that makes a person different from others is the body shape. We all are more or less different in sizes and shapes. Variation in sizes and shapes makes all of us unique. Some of us are muscular, some of us are skinny or curvier and some of us have narrower hips or broader shoulders — we’re all a little bit different in sizes and shapes.

The human body shape is a complicated thing with its look and functionality. The shape or figure of a person depends on his/her molding skeletal structure, muscles and fat. The skeletal structure and body shape of a person grow and change up to a certain level till he/she reaches adulthood. After reaching adulthood, the shape or figure of a person remains more or less the same for the rest of the life.

Still, most people can be classified into a few broad categories. According to a study conducted by NC State University in 2004, female bodies have historically been categorized in some classes based on their body shapes and sizes.

Some of the most common body types are as below:

Common body types
Illustration Courtesy: Diego Sabogal
  1. Rectangular
  2. Triangular
  3. Inverted triangular or Apple Shape
  4. Hourglass Shape

These are some of the common different body types that you might hear about.

Body Shaping is closely related to beautification. Though it’s not an easy task, there are many ways to shape human bodies to become more beautiful and attractive to look at. It’s also very important to lead a happier and healthier life.

Body Shaping
Photo: EMSCULPT NEO, an FDA approved versatile, single solution that simultaneously melts fat while building muscles as well, Source: plasticsurgerypractice.com

EmSculpt Neo, the newest 2-in-1 Treatment for Body Shaping:

EmSculpt Neo, the newest 2-in-1 treatment is available now at BeautyFix Emsculpt Neo. It is the first FDA-approved non-invasive body shaping procedure. It uses Radiofrequency and HIFEM+ (High-Intensity Electromagnetic Field) to construct muscle and dispose of fats all at always. It provides simultaneous fat elimination as well as muscle construction in a combined thirty-minute session.

Benefits of EmSculpt Neo:

EmSculpt Neo is a fully personalized treatment based on the body structure. It reduces fat from the body by about 30% on average and builds and strengthens muscles by 25%. EmSculpt Neo treats up to a BMI of 35. It uses combined RF & HIFEM+ technology which is a 2-in-1 FDA-approved treatment in a single session. Amazing results can be found in just 8 -12 weeks of timeframe.


Four 30-Minute Session

EmSculpt Neo is the primary and most effective non-invasive body shaping treatment which is only available at a few medspas in the New York City. It is a safe and only FDA-approved technique. It aims at providing simultaneous fat reduction and muscle construction within a combined thirty-minute session. This quick treatment results in more fat elimination and more muscle growth than any single fat melting or fat freezing technique. The cost range of EmSculpt Neo’s is $850-$1000 per treatment area.


Technologies used in EmSculpt Neo:

Synchronized Radio Frequency (RF) and High-Intensity Electromagnetic Field (HIFEM+) are used in EmSculpt Neo treatment procedures that are safe and FDA-approved only non-invasive body shaping methods.


Synchronized Radio Frequency (RF):

Synchronized Radio Frequency provides you simultaneous radio frequency and high intensity focused electromagnetic energy therapies at the same time. It increases more than 25% muscle and reduces 30% fat on average. It also boosts your resting metabolism. This advanced EmSculpt Neo machine is both a preventative and corrective procedure at the same time.


High-Intensity Electromagnetic Field (HIFEM+):

HIFEM+ or High-Intensity Electromagnetic Field is one of the best and latest muscle building and shaping technologies available in the market right now. It comes with all newly designed protocols. This technology works with RF heating which helps you eliminating fat and building muscle at the same time.


Areas that can be treated with EmSculpt Neo:

The latest EmSculpt Neo treatment can be applied over the arms, abdomen, buttocks and calves. It is designed for non-invasive lipolysis (the breakdown of fat) of the abdomen and reduction in circumference of the abdomen and for building muscular areas, strengthening of the core muscles and developing of firmer abdomen and arms as well. It is also proven super effective in strengthening, firming of buttocks, thighs, firming and calves.

The procedure of EmSculpt Neo Treatment:

The procedure of EmSculpt Neo is very simple and easy. There is no downtime with this procedure. No pre-preparation is required for performing this procedure. Simply relax and lay down for 30 minutes while the treatment is applied over the treatment area. During the treatment procedure, you might also additionally experience intense but tolerable heating sensation at the side of muscle contractions. Once the whole procedure is done, one can immediately get back to one’s day-to-day life.


Working Procedure of EmSculpt Neo Therapy:

  • Fat Breakdown: After starting the treatment, the temperature in applied fatty areas reaches levels that cause permanent damage in less than 4 minutes.
  • Muscle Warm-Up: During the remedy session, the muscle temperature increases up via way of means of numerous degrees, much like what a warm-up hobby does earlier than any exercising.
  • Supramaximal Contractions: Muscles withinside the handled location are gotten smaller at intensities that aren’t potential during a regular workout or physical exercise.
  • After Treatment: The fat cells are slowly eliminated from the body and the strained muscle fibers provoke an increased process. These consequences in fat removal and muscle building gradually.


How does EmSculpt Neo therapy feel like?

During the treatment procedure, one can feel intense muscular contractions along with a heating sensation in the treated area which is comparable to hot stone massage. No pre-preparation is required for performing this procedure and there is no downtime as well.


Time is taken to see the final result of EmSculpt Neo:

The result of EmSculpt Neo treatment procedure may vary from person to person. But the best time to see the final results is in 3 months after the last session.


However, EmSculpt Neo treatment is not applicable for losing weight. This only reduces fat and builds and strengthens muscles. Combining this treatment with one’s workout schedule and leading a healthy lifestyle along with a suitable diet can help you achieve amazing results.

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