Understanding Organics Before Buying Natural Skincare Products

Sun, sea, and bronzed skin; this is the picture of Australia in everyone’s mind. The country’s ideal location makes it the perfect getaway for men and women who would like to escape the tropics. Apart from that, Australia is also a beauty-conscious country. Obsession for everything natural speaks with how Australian natural skincare items are well patronised. If you happen to be shopping around for beauty products, you would be bombarded with items that are tagged as “organic.”

But what is organic and what percentage of a product is truly nature derived. Here are some of the most common buzzwords and how you can decipher their meaning in skincare products.

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4 Common Skincare Jargons Demystified

On average, Australian women spend about 24 minutes every day doing their beauty routine. The country’s beauty standards greatly evolve from generation to generation as pop culture, and social media influencers affect people’s buying decisions.

The Australian beauty and cosmetics market abound with brands and products directed towards the younger generation. These cosmetics are commonly tagged with environment-friendly and all-natural products that often become confusing.

  1. Clinically-tested. Products tagged as clinically tested undergo clinical trials to ensure they are safe and effective for human use. It is tested under strict guidance and done in a clinical setting. However, the testing condition and the number of participants during the clinical trials can come into question.
  2. Hypoallergenic. One of the most confusing words in the cosmetics market is the term hypoallergenic. Although the country is strict with non-compliant and FDA approved ingredients, the term currently has no legal standards.
  3. All-natural. Opting for an all-natural skincare and cosmetics item is often the best approach to a skincare routine. These items are manufactured to contain naturally-derived ingredients. The only consideration is finding the right brand that claims to be “all-natural.”
  4. Essential oils. Essential oils work in conjunction with naturally-derived products. Almost every Australian beauty product manufacturer uses essential oils to boost its fragrance and provide a certain healing effect.

Choosing an All-Natural Skincare Brand

Going green with your skincare routine is the best way to preserve your natural beauty. Such products reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals that accumulate in your epidermis, causing allergies and many health problems.

Opting for Australian natural skincare items that truly stand for their marketing tagline is what you should watch out for. Trusted natural skincare products derive almost all of its ingredients naturally.

It is also important to note that natural products still contain traces of preservative and artificial colours. However, these ingredients are often limited to a certain amount to avoid watering down its active components.

Everyone wants to get the best results for their skin. However, the marketing buzzwords used by most manufacturers make it hard to decide on the right product. When you are shopping for a skincare item, always opt for those listed as “natural” or “organic.”

Also go for brands that are known to deliver not just their marketing promise, but provide the real essence of providing the right results. As a discerning consumer, always be critical and never buy because of marketing hype. Choose brands that are not only trusted but also brands that live up to their taglines.

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