5 Superb Options for Lunch Catering Sydney

Are you tired of preparing lunch meals? Studies show that 90% of Australians eat packed lunches. This is also more common in large metropolitan areas like Sydney. However, if you’re short on time or effort preparing your own midday meals, an alternative is lunch catering sydney. This is more practical than fast food, which is often loaded with unhealthy ingredients like salt, sugar, and fat. Meanwhile, when picking catered lunches, here are some of the most popular options you have:



This is an ideal option for various reasons. For example, since you get a single serving, you can avoid food waste, which costs the Australian economy AUD20 billion every year, according to government data. You also won’t have to deal with leftovers, which rarely taste as good as the original meal.

Another benefit of one-serving lunch boxes for Sydney residents is you can enjoy more variety. Each day of the week, you can enjoy a different meal, which eliminates the chance of having the same meal over and over during the week.



There are various reasons why some people might want to avoid food and drinks that contain dairy. For example, studies show that two-thirds of Australians have a dairy intolerance, according to Canstar. This can include different health conditions like milk allergy and lactose intolerance. In these situations, Sydneysiders who consume any type of dairy, including milk, cheese, and yogurt might experience symptoms like digestion problems.

There are various other reasons why people might avoid dairy products. For example, vegans avoid all animal products and byproducts. Studies show that 1% of Aussies are vegan, according to ABC.



You’ve probably heard of this term, but what exactly is gluten? This substance contains two different proteins. High-gluten foods include foods like wheat, barley, and rye. Wheat is easily the most common gluten foods, so those on gluten-free diets often use grain-free substitutes like coconut, almond, and buckwheat flour.

Today various diet programs ditch gluten for various reasons. They can be related to low-carb diets like the Keto Diet that swap out all grains, and the Paleo Diet because some of today’s grains are genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Meanwhile, some people with conditions like celiac disease can experience unwanted symptoms if they consume gluten foods. This is one of the main medical reasons for avoiding gluten.



While these terms are similar, they’re still different. For example, while vegetarians avoid meat, they eat animal byproducts like eggs and dairy. However, vegans avoid all animals, including eggs, dairy, honey, etc.

Studies show that about 12% of Australians in 2019 are on a mostly vegetarian diet, according to Roy Morgan. As a result, today’s catering companies are offering more vegetarian/vegan dishes.


Hot/Cold Lunches

Hot lunches are quite popular in different situations such as cool/cold weather. They’re also more practical if you have access to a microwave during your lunch hour.

Meanwhile, there are various reasons why people might want cold lunches over hot lunches. For example, Sydney’s weather is generally mild and sunny, but summer temperatures can sometimes reach about 90°F (32°C).

Another benefit of cold lunches is they’re easier to prepare. For example, if you don’t have access to a microwave oven, it can be tougher to heat up your meal. In the case of cold lunches, you can enjoy a tasty meal that doesn’t have to be heated up first.

Today the world has become more mobile, which has increased the need for lunch catering in Sydney. You can find a wide range of midday meals, including dairy-free, gluten-free, or simply a hot lunch. A Sydney catering company can make your experience more convenient, whether you need one or one hundred meals.

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