How To Design a Kitchen, Without Paying Any Fee?

Many people while designing the home overlook the proper planning of the kitchen. As a result one of the most parts of a home i.e. kitchen misses many important amenities. The result of not having proper amenities means you have a space of which you are not utilizing properly.

The kitchen is important for providing proper nutrition to your family. If the kitchen misses the key amenities, cooking will be difficult and hence the purchase of junk food may increase, which may finally inversely affect the wellness of the family.

So, while planning the home, you should pay attention to designing the kitchen properly so that it can provide you with the facilities that will facilitate good health.

First of all, before discussing how to design the kitchen for free meaning without paying any fee to the consultant or architect, some points to make the kitchen more useful will be discussed-

  1. The kitchen should have enough ventilation. The kitchen always acts as a heat chamber, this is because of the extra heat produced from cooking. Having enough ventilation allows transferring the heat to the outside which makes the cooking zone heaven instead of making it hell.
  2. Always put enough shelves in the kitchen. Keeping enough shelves will allow keeping utensils and other kitchen appliances in places from which the cooking will be an easy job. For example, placing the knife in a suitable position will help you to find it easily and cut your vegetables without worrying.
  3. Keep enough space for placing the chopping board and vegetables.
  4. Keep space for your kitchen refrigerators, oven and other electrical appliances.
  5. If you are using gas for cooking, do not forget to provide a window nearby your burner. This will prevent gas accidents.

The burner for the kitchen and other nearby areas should be so that, it is easy ro clean and maintain. This is because oils, grease will gather there and if it is of matte finish it will be difficult to clean.

How to design a kitchen without spending a cent?

Designing a kitchen is not hard work. Especially when you are the user of the kitchen, you know what specific parts need to be improved or which specific features need special treatment. For example, if you are dealing with a badly ventilated kitchen, you may want to have a kitchen with big windows and a good ventilator or with a good exhaust fan.

However, whatever the reason for designing or re-designing the kitchen is, the person who will use the kitchen would be able to tell what kind of facilities he is in need of. Moreover, for an arrangement of the kitchen, the voice of the user should be the most important thing.

So, it is suggested that the user of the kitchen design the kitchen by himself. But as all of us know, the user may not have enough skill to design a kitchen. To solve this specific problem of not having enough skill, Roomtodo emerged.

Roomtodo is an online software for designing a home or any specific part of a home like kitchen, drawing room, bedroom. It is a complete solution on designing a home or room without any specific skills thus suitable for people with little knowledge on designing.

Before starting with roomtodo to design your kitchen, you should have some data in advance. Please prepare the following data in your hand-

  1. Length, width and height of the kitchen room.
  2. Length, width, height and position of window and door.
  3. A rough sketch of the room.
  4. A rough hand sketch on where to place utensils, where to place the electrical appliances etc.

Now that you have everything ready, we can start designing your kitchen using kitchen online planner of roomtodo. Roomtodo is completely free so never mind purchasing any costly subscription.

First of all using the import feature of roomtodo, import the rough hand sketch. Over the rough handsketch draw the lines or walls to prepare the 2D layout. After finishing the 2D layout click on the 3D option at the left to transform the 2D design to a 3D design within seconds.

As your 3D kitchen room is ready, now you can cut off the walls to put the doors and windows.

As you made the shape of the room, change the wall color and flooring options using the ‘Çoverings’ menu.

After completing the coverings, place the kitchen furnitures. For example, place the shelves and other things in place. Moreover, you should place the washing basin in a convenient place so that you can wash your utensils and other things. You can add kitchen washbasin or furnitures from the kitche  funritures menu or appliances menu.

Place the electrical appliances from the menu in the exact location as you want. You can place a refrigerator, an oven or a dish washer using roomtodo.

Do not forget to cut the floor to place the plumbing pipe or other water transporting conduits.

Want to decorate your kitchen a bit to create a kitchen vibe? You can add the paintings or other images of your choice. Moreover, for interior decoration, you can add plants or ither decorating options from the ‘Decor’menu.

Oh sorry, I did not mentioned about the pricing. Guess what, these all features comes for free. Moreover, you will have the option of exporting your design or print your design in your suitable format.

The best part is that, you would have customer service if you want, but for that, you may need to purchase a cheap subscription. A paid subscription will allow you to get 24×7 support from the roomtodo’s expert as well as will help you to design your kitchen to the best possible layout.

Designing a kitchen is not that easy, but if you use roomtodo, you do not needto have specific knowledge and it will ease the work for you.

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