Will a Person’s BAC Go Down If They: Drink Coffee, Take A Cold Shower, or Vomit?

How does BAC work?

BAC is the amount of alcohol in your blood. It’s usually measured using either a breathalyzer or blood test. This can be done by either medical professionals or law enforcement officers for suspected DUI/ DWI cases depending on where you live. If the breathalyzer test isn’t available at a scene or if someone is presumed to be intoxicated and unfit to complete it themselves, then medical professionals may choose from blood tests. The BAC measures how much alcohol is present in one’s bloodstream; this number can help determine whether they’re safe enough to drive after consuming liquor.

Will drinking coffee, taking a cold shower or vomiting have any effect on your blood alcohol content? We shall now take a look at each of the methods and see if any can be that effective.


Does drinking coffee lower a person’s BAC?

Does drinking coffee lower a person's BAC?
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Coffee may help you stay up all night studying, but drinking coffee will not lower your BAC. Despite the popular opinion that drinking coffee can lower your blood alcohol content (BAC), there’s been no scientific proof to back this up. Due to its calming effects, caffeine may make a person feel as if they are alert and aware of their surroundings. However, this doesn’t mean that you are not impaired or intoxicated by how much alcohol there is inside your body.


Does taking a cold shower lower blood alcohol concentration?

The origin of this question is unknown, but it has been asked many times and the answer still remains no. The logic behind taking a cold shower to lower your blood alcohol content is flawed. This is because it doesn’t remove anything from you or speed up how quickly things happen within the body. It’s nice to take a cold shower to beat the heat, but it won’t make any difference in how your body gets rid of toxins. Showering at low temperatures won’t process the alcohol you have consumed.

If you try this, be careful. Intoxicated people may suffer shock or lose consciousness in cold showers.


Does vomiting lower blood alcohol levels?

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If there are any unabsorbed drinks in the stomach, vomiting will stop that absorption from happening. This will keep your blood alcohol level stable so that it doesn’t rise as you sober up.

But if all alcohol has been absorbed, vomiting can’t help you lower your blood alcohol content. When you puke, the alcohol is still in your body. If the alcohol enters your bloodstream there’s no way for it to lower your blood alcohol content or change how quickly you are processing the ingested alcoholic beverage. Vomiting can only remove things from your stomach and not the bloodstream so it won’t affect how much alcohol is in your body.


Is there a way to get sober fast?

Oftentimes, people drink alcohol because it makes them feel better. Alcohol is a type of liquor/beverage that’s produced by the process known as fermentation. There are many different types and sources for alcohol, depending on what sugar source you use in your brewing recipe. The brain plays an extremely vital role because it controls vital functions.

When alcohol is consumed, it gets absorbed through the lining of your digestive tract and reaches your blood. The more you drink, the higher your BAC will be. This is because it moves to the liver where metabolism takes place. This creates less toxic products which are then eliminated from the body via urination.

If you drink alcohol more quickly than your liver can break it down, then the level of blood-alcohol will rise and make one feel drunk. There is nothing that can be done to speed up how fast this happens; so getting sober isn’t really an option either way. Drinking water will not speed up this process, nor will sleeping at all.


Final Thoughts

It’s essential to understand how your body processes alcohol and what affects it. Eating or drinking non-alcoholic foods and beverages after alcohol will not change your blood level. There are a lot of people creating YouTube videos on how to sober up fast, but most don’t work.

In addition to sweat, urine, and breath, the human body can eliminate alcohol through the enzyme ADH. Also, the most effective way to sober up is by taking care of yourself. You need plenty of time and rest, as well as plenty of quality sleep. If you sleep, it will help you sober up because your body can flush out the alcohol. It’s better to give your body time to rest rather than just a quick nap because this allows your body’s natural processes to work again.

However, if your body absorbs too much alcohol, you may feel very sick. It’s a wise idea to stay awake and drink lots of water before bed. If you pass out, your blood-alcohol levels could still rise and lead to the risk of poisoning from too much consumption. Be sure to drink lots of water and stay awake to help clear your mind prior to retiring to bed.

Alcohol should be consumed in moderation. If you are planning to drink, make sure that it does not interfere with your work or school performance. It’s extremely critical to remember that alcohol can have negative effects on your mental state. If you plan on working or engaging in activities the following day, make sure not to drink too much before those times.

The key to a successful evening is to consume alcohol responsibly. Don’t drive if you’ve been drinking. And never drink and drive. Be careful not to put yourself or others at risk if you choose to consume alcohol.

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