Stress and anxiety is never been a problem. Learn why!

It may seem contradictory, but stress and anxiety have their benefits within so much negativity.

Studies argue that mental fatigue and disorder have never been a problem because they add benefits to specific situations.

People with both conditions of fear or negative thoughts. However, some of the physiological changes are useful.

What are Stress and Anxiety?

Stress and Anxiety is the reaction of a bad situation. When you are passing bad times your heart beat increases, you breathe quicker than before, blood pressure also rises. As a result, you feel stress, and stress becomes anxiety.

What are the Symptoms of Stress?

Your full body gets affected when stress happens. Your behavior gets changed, your thinking, talking tone, everything will change. A large number of people cannot control their emotions, angriness. They do bad behavior with peoples.

Anxiety for good or bad?

A study by the French universities, Pierre et Marie Curie and PSL Research, states that people with high levels of anxiety detect threatening faces more quickly.

Also, the National Institute of Health determined that people with anxiety easily recognize the feelings of others. This quality makes them more sensitive.

People act with greater motivation to resolve conflicts by being alert, without the need for psychological help. But sometimes, people go to therapists in Sheffield for getting cure from anxiety.


Benefits of stress

Studies have concluded that people who process stress positively will learn to manage their effects. This will allow them to develop mental strength.

That change of mentality can be reinforced with psychological help. It will benefit personnel who work in stressful and conflict situations such as doctors and military, respectively.

The positive effects of stress are, according to the psychologist, Kelly McGonigal and a study by Harvard University, the following:

Recharge the body of energy to face challenges. It also allows for improving physical performance in some sports activities.

Increase the heartbeat to prepare for action.

Increase breathing to oxygenate the brain better. Action that allows solving problems quickly and efficiently.

Improves sociability Stress activates the mechanisms that drive a person to approach the rest, in search of help or refuge.

Creativity is activated because people tend to be more resourceful in stressful situations.

With stress, oxytocin is released, a hormone that makes men and women more affectionate and close.

Oxytocin also protects the heart by relaxing blood vessels and regenerating damaged blood cells.

Stress also favors the body to fight bacteria.

“Stress causes hormones to be generated to fight germs and the like,” explains John Whyte.

The doctor adds that it is also effective during the onset of the disease’s development. Stage in which the body needs more help.

Scientists hold that the positive of both conditions must be rescued, while they are overcome or treated medically. It will depend on the perspective of each individual.

Summing up all, stress and anxiety is not always bad. However, havening for anxiety is a great treatment for anxiety.

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