What is Fentanyl? How to Get Rid of Fentanyl?

What us Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a pharmaceutical drug in the class of drugs called opiates. Initially it was used in the 1960’s for severe pain and operative procedures, and now you start to see fentanyl is using for chronic pain patients who have pain from a whole variety of conditions. The fentanyl we are seeing on the street though is illicitly prepared fentanyl most likely from china.

Fentanyl Addiction

The most of the fentanyl users become homeless to arrange money for taking fentanyl drug. They used to wear their same cloths for three or four days at a time. They don’t like stay clean. According fentanyl takers, when they start taking fentanyl they don’t care about what peoples gonna think about their behavior. When users get addicted with this drug they cannot leave it easily. Every day they need fentanyl, they can do any crime for arranging for fentanyl.
Most fentanyl users I see are not thirty, forty, and fifty it’s late twenties all the way down to fourteen and that’s the scary part. Especially with how often it kills people versus being able to get into treatment. I mean the deaths for fentanyl is outrageous.

The challenge with people who are addicted to fentanyl is, because its such a powerful and toxic opiate, the withdrawal syndrome us also quite pronounced.
I have asked them about the fentanyl withdrawal but they told me that, “I would rather die than go through the pain of the withdrawals of these pills. But once I do fentanyl withdrawal I will feel relaxed, I can function and I can go through your day, like I can be normal. I feel it in my bones, I become restless, I become so weak you cannot move. But I do it because the anxiety is just unbearable”

How to take fentanyl?

Firstly, fentanyl is kind of pill. You cannot use it like a normal pill. First they make powder of that pill then they snore it by their nose. For maintain privacy they used to take fentanyl in bathroom.

Effects of Fentanyl

Fentanyl effects a lots even its effects greater than heroin. Basically fentanyl directly affect to the emotion and the place where our pain get control. Though it’s a helpful drug for the cancer and other extreme disease but, the drug addicted peoples take it as a substance of other drug. They don’t even know that fentanyl is more harmful than heroin.
As a fentanyl user, they see some kinds of symptoms like

1. Muscle pain
2. Anxiety
3. Restlessness
4. Vomiting
5. Sweating
6. Allergic reactions
7. Diarrhea etc.

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

In 2015, close to 300 people died from fentanyl withdrawal in Alberta. Many of these deaths were caused by bootleg, non-pharmaceutical pills.
Though users cannot leave fentanyl easily but there is so many rehab and clinic out there to take care the patience. Fentanyl can be recover by withdrawal of fentanyl. Family should be take care of their loving one. Don’t neglect the patience. Always try to motivate them. Just remember fentanyl users can live a good life if they follow the experts rules an regulations with medicine.

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