Perfect Ways to Make Your Food Tastier with Fried Onions

Fried onions aren’t used to garnish food items only. There are some delicious recipes available that one can easily prepare using fried onions. A lot of people never afford to try these delicious recipes as it takes an ample amount of time to prepare the fried onions. People need to wash, peel, dice, and fry the onions until they turn golden brown. The entire process is overly time-consuming which makes it difficult for everyone to prepare dishes with fried onions. However, people can instantly find these fried onions in grocery stores these days and save their time.

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These onions are thoroughly washed before dicing and frying. Also, the manufacturers use only high-quality vegetable oil to fry the onions to make sure it suits everyone’s taste. So, people, these days are wondering what they will do with fried onions. Well, it can be used as a topping for mashed potatoes, salads, burgers, soups, stews, and whatnot. People can sprinkle a slight amount of crunchy fried onions on top of salads or soup to make it tastier. Besides serving as a garnishing element, there are several ways to use fried onions.  Let’s take a look at the innumerable recipes of fried onions,

1.     Blue Cheese-Mushroom Stuffed Tenderloin

Blue cheese mushroom stuffed tenderloin is the perfect recipe for almost any occasion. The savory stuffing with tenderloin tastes heavenly when prepared using fried onions. It requires only a few simple ingredients including butter, Portobello mushroom, coarsely ground pepper, Worcestershire sauce, salt, spicy brown mustard, blue cheese, tenderloin roast, olive oil, and French fried onions. This simple recipe takes only a few minutes to prepare. People who’re leading a busy and active lifestyle can yield a lot of health benefits from this tasty and healthy recipe. The use of fried onions makes it tastier by adding flavor. Earlier, people used to refrain from trying this delicious and healthy recipe as it took time to make French fried onions. But, now one can easily find fried onions in grocery store online and store them for a long time. One can easily prepare these recipes whenever one wants.

2.     Eggs Bruschetta

The overnight baked eggs bruschetta is another great recipe to please the guests when they visit on holidays. It’s the perfect addition to holidays to make the time fun-filled. It only needs a few ingredients including the fried onions to garnish the food and make it tastier. The list includes the refrigerated pizza crust, olive oil, mozzarella cheese, garlic powder, pepper, dried rosemary, pepper, sauce, salt, eggs, goat cheese, white vinegar, and French fried onions. When holidays are near and there’s nothing to make the guests happier, eggs bruschetta would be the perfect addition to the breakfast.

3.     Crispy Onion Chicken

Fried onions aren’t only a holiday icon, but their savory taste can bring happiness all around the year. These salty strips help to elevate the taste of almost any meal starting from snacks to salads. So, friend onions are used for making breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner items. One of such popular dishes made with crispy fried onions is the crispy onion chicken. This simple but delicious golden brown chicken with its crunchy coating of fried onions can bring the utmost pleasure on thanksgiving night. The recipe can be enjoyed with rice, macaroni salad, baked potatoes, potato salad, etc. The list of ingredients includes French fried onions, eggs, and boneless chicken only. This makes it the easiest meal to prepare.


Other Uses of Friend Onions:

Fried onions aren’t only used during the holiday time. They can be used to make simple breakfast, lunch, and snack items. Let’s take a look,


  • Breakfast With Fried Onions: Using fried onions in meals is a great way to start the day. People can make an onion bagel and add more fried onions to it while sprinkling some cream cheese. Also, if anyone loves scrambled eggs, can sprinkle some of the fried onions to make it tastier. For people who’re not quite fond of eggs, they can try the delicious breakfast salads or other recipes using the fried onions.


  • Lunch with Fried Onions: People who love sandwiches know the exact benefits of putting an extra crunch into it. Fried onions are the perfect partners for sandwiches, deli salads, etc. It will make the lunch items more delicious.
  • Snacks with Fried Onions: Crispy fried onions can be used for making super tasty snacks item. It can be used as deviled egg topper, coat a cheese ball, and whatnot. Moreover, it’s a perfect item to keep handy to prepare tasty and healthy meals every day. But, people should conduct enough research on the supplier of these crispy fried onions before placing an order to ensure their top-notch quality.

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