The Uses of Sneeze Guards and Why it is Important in this Pandemic?

Businesses have now started reopening after the lockdowns due to the global pandemic situation. It is a struggle to keep up with safety guidelines to ensure self and public health. CDC had put forth many guidelines for various types of businesses and customer-facing locations to ensure social distancing and infection prevention measures. Masks, hand sanitizers, and social distancing have become the standards now; however, there are more things businesses want to implement.

As per a WHO release, it is advised that the stores and offices need to use a “physical barrier to limit the COVID-19 virus exposure with plastic or glass windows.” This is in line with the CDC’s measures to place physical barriers between employees and customers.

This rule applies to different businesses, including restaurants, retail stores, offices, hospitality, universities, schools, and other businesses where there is a chance for the service personnel to regularly interact with the public. How to choose and install materials for these physical barriers is based on the risks involved in your business. Here we discuss some of the key factors about the latest safety products like sneeze guards to help navigate this process.


Usage of a sneeze guard

An ideal sneeze guard is sheet of acrylic or glass screen mounted on the desks or counters to protect people from getting exposed to any air-borne viruses. By effectively blocking the respiratory droplets while sneezing, coughing, or talking, sneeze guards can protect food or people from exposure to germs. Sneeze guards had been used in restaurants band baker shops for a long time, but it is not common in all types of organizations as banks, stores, administrative offices, etc.


Our sneeze guards effective against COVID-19

Due to the spread of the COVID-19, sneeze guards have come up in many public places such as schools, offices, and supermarkets to reduce the risk of respiratory infections. These are highly effective as they can reduce person-to-person exposure by deflecting the respiratory droplets from sneezing, coughing, breathing, and talking.

Also known as tabletop sneeze shields, an ideal sneeze guard is a paneling sheet fixed on to the tables or customer-facer counters. There are different types of sneeze guards as:


· Freestanding sneeze guards or countertops

These sneeze guards are made of a clear plastic panel and a system designed to hold them up. There are also interlocking feet that hold the shield straight. There are different freestanding sneeze guards at reception desks, serving tables, conference tables, etc.


· Room dividers or safety partitions

Full-size sneeze guards go from the floor up and act as a big transparent wall. These can guard against a seated level, like separating the tables at restaurants or workstations at the office.

Along with these, you can also custom design the sneeze guards as table dividers and desktop dividers, various installations of which can be seen at different offices, banks, colleges, malls, grocery stores, and so on. It is one of the best ways to safeguard your space against germs.

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