Blue Lizard Mineral-based Sunscreen – Sunscreen with a Conscience

In this blog, we could tell you all about how great this mineral-based sunscreen range is and how it provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB coverage. We could also talk about how their sunscreen is gentle on skin yet effective against the harsh summer sun. We could even let you know about how their Sensitive skin sunscreen contains no parabens, no fragrances, and no chemical active sunscreen ingredients, meaning its ideal for people with all sorts of skin issues.

While all of these things are true, that’s not what this blog is about. This blog is about how Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen is a company with a dual mission:


  1. spread the word about the efficacy of mineral-based sunscreen
  2. combat the global ecological impact of chemical sunscreens

Everything they do as a company is focused on protecting their customers and the planet and it’s an ethos that drives them every day. To give you a better idea about what makes Blue Lizard Mineral-Based Sunscreen different from the rest, let us tell you a little about where they started.


Blue Lizard’s Origins

As their name would suggest, their mineral-based sunscreen got its start in one of the harshest climates on the planet – Australia. Blue Lizard Sunscreen withstood the elements and earned the trust of the dermatology industry along the way.

The reason they opted to produce mineral-based sunscreen instead of being just another chemical brand is that they believe in the strong sun protection broad-spectrum mineral active ingredients offer.

Recently, they reformulated some of our most popular sunscreens after learning two of the chemical active ingredients—Oxybenzone and Octinoxate—could be contributing to the bleaching of our coral reefs.

Some 14,000 tons of sunscreen finds itself in our oceans annually and it represents a real danger to coral reefs around the world. As much as 20% of the planet’s coral reefs have already disappeared and we weren’t about to sit idly by while more of it is lost.

Their We Love the Reef mineral-based sunscreens do not contain Oxybenzone or Octinoxate and provide an effective broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection trusted by dermatologists.


Making Sun Protection Fun

Another part of their mission is to help out customers and their families instill sun protection routines into their lives and part of that is achieved by making mineral-based sunscreen fun! The mineral-based sunscreen bottles and tube caps turn blue when exposed to direct sunlight, so that you don’t forget to put it on!

Their ecological conscience is something that compels us every day to innovate new products that are ever more effective at sun protection and ever more kind to the skin and the planet.


Join the Revolution In Sn Protection Today

So, if you share our concern for earth’s amazing marine habitats and you want to join the mineral-based sunscreen revolution that’s happening around the world, you’ll find Blue Lizard’s entire range of products including sunscreen for kids, sensitive skin sunscreen and sunscreen sticks.

The Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen team loves nothing more than helping us and our family stay protected from the sun. That’s all for now. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and that it showed you that by switching to mineral-based sunscreen, you’re doing much more than just protecting your skin.

Until next time!

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