Olive Oil: Types, Nutritional Information and Health Benefits

Olive oil is packed with an array of health and skin benefits. It is available in the different forms; amongst all, extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest olive oil. The best part about olive oil is that it can be used topically for healthy skin and hair. Read more, to know different types of Olive oil and their health benefits,

Types of Olive Oil:

  1. Extra-VirginIt is one of the best olive oil. This type of fat is extracted by the cold compressed method that neither does nor removes the oil’s natural content; thus, it is believed to be the purest form of the olive oil. It has a low level of acid, and this is perfect for health. It has a pleasant aroma and flavor. This type of oil can be consumed and applied topically as well.
  2. Virgin Olive Oil- This type of olive is available in the unrefined form. Though it is extracted from a cold-pressed method; however, it is not the purest form of olive oil. It has a bit of acid content. Also, it is temperature resistant and has a milder taste. It is ideal for low heat cooking.
  3. Refined oil- The refined form of the olive oil is extracted from the ripe and black olives. It is not a completely pure form; however, it has several health benefits. Though it is considered to be low quality, you can use it for cooking purposes. It has a good amount of calories and fat.
  4. Pure Olive Oil- As the name suggests, this is the purest form of olive oil. It has a blend of virgin olive oil and extra virgin oil. It has a good quality of olives that are equally good for health. Due to this, it has a  high amount of Vitamin E.
  5. Olive Pomace Oil- It is the cheapest form of olive oil and is available at an affordable price, which makes it one of the most used types of olive oil. This type of oil is extracted from the residue of the olives. In order to up its quality, a little amount of virgin olive oil is added to it.

Nutritional Information

  1. Saturated fat: 14%
  2. Monounsaturated fat: 73%
  3. Vitamin E: 13%
  4. Vitamin K: 7%

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

1. Rich Source of Monosaturated Fat

Olive oil has a good amount of monosaturated fat that is considered to be beneficial for health. Thus, it can use during cooking. You can prepare all types of recipes with olive oil. Since it is resistant to heat; therefore, it makes up for the ideal choice for cooking. You can buy all kinds of Olive oil from Flipkart grocery store, and you can make use of Flipkart grocery offers and get the highest discount on your purchase.

2. It is a Rich Source of Antioxidants

Extra virgin olive oil is believed to be a good source of the antioxidant. Antioxidants have anti-aging properties that fades that keep you young for a longer time. Antioxidants also have an abundance of biological effects that are good for the body. They fight with inflammation and helps to protect teg cholesterol level. Also, it reduces the risk of heart problems.

3. Packed with anti-inflammatory Properties

Olive oil also has anti-inflammatory properties. It has a host of nutrients that fights with inflammation. Some of the nutrients present in the olive oil are oleic acid and antioxidant oleocanthal. According to one of the studies, antioxidants present in the olive oil can constrain proteins and gens that prevent inflammation.

4. Prevents Strokes

One of the main benefits of olive oil is that it helps to prevent strokes. According to the latest studies, people who consume olive oil on a regular basis they have a lower risk of stroke. Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in developed countries.

5. Olive Oil Protects Hearts

Extra virgin oil is known for numerous health benefits that include heart benefits as well. It controls the blood pressure level. Olive oil does not let LDL (bad cholesterol) oxidate, and it subsequently improves blood vessel functioning.

6. Not Associated with Weight Gain

Most of the oil has some or the other of fat that may cause weight gain; however, olive oil is one of the go-to cooking oil for people who are planning to reduce weight. Though it might not help to reduce weight, it will certainly not let your body gain weight.  It is also suitable for people who are on a diet.

7. Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Recent studies have shown that people who regularly consume olive oil have a reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes. You can add it to the Mediterranean diet in order to reap its benefits. You can use it in cooking and healthy salads. Amongst all, extra virgin oil is the best form of the olive oil that you can use while cooking.


Olive oil has been used from ancient times. It is available in different types, amongst all extra virgin olive oil is considered healthy and best. The oil can be applied on the skin for glowing skin. It can also be applied for hair. Above all, you can use it for cooking purposes.

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