How To Clean Your Outdoor Basketball Shoes?

Being a basketball player, you know the significance of outdoor basketball shoes. Keeping your pair of basketball shoes clean is as mandatory as scoring on the basketball court. When you buy your basketball shoes and open the box, you smell your shoes’ newness and crispness. These reviving shoes make you wish to stay this way forever, but you could not make it. The stuffing of your shoes also gets slimmer with time, and your investment goes in vain in front of your eyes. This is pretty heartbreaking for basketball players. So, if you want to maintain your outdoor basketball shoes’ crispness and newness, I am here to help you out!

Tips To Keep Your Outdoor Basketball Shoes In Shape

Players do not wear this pair of shoes only on the basketball court but in town, while playing, during practice, and whenever they want. So, there must be some solutions to your problems. Here are some tips to keep your outdoor basketball shoes in shape. Let us move towards them.

Store Your Shoes Properly

After playing a game, you may be throwing your shoes in a bag and rushing to somewhere else without even noticing how you really are treating your shoes. Right? But know that it can totally ruin the shape of your shoes. Throwing them in a bag can cause enormous pressure on the seams. It can also lead to making your shoes smelling bad because they are getting the air properly, and your sweaty feet, along with the moisty grass, have wet them.

To store your shoes properly right after using them, you must keep them in a closet or a room with plenty of airflows. So, they can quickly get dried this way before you use them again. After getting them dried, you can also store them in their original box in which you got them. Do not put your shoes out on the floor because they can easily get kicked and so it can also de-shape them.

Also, there are shoe deodorizers available in the market. For increasing the longevity and crispness of your shoes, it will be useful to use a shoe deodorizer after wearing off your shoes. Additionally, it will reduce the foul-smelling of your shoes.

Wear Your Shoes Only In Basketball Court

As you do not wear your indoor shoes outside, you should also avoid wearing your basketball shoes out of the court. If you wear your shoes out of the basketball court, know that they will lose the grip and stuffiness super swiftly. If you avoid them wearing on and off either than the court, you will see they will last long. So, the lesser you wear your shoes, the longer they will last, and keep in mind, do not wear them out of court if you want them not to tear off.

Steps To Clean Your Outdoor Basketball Shoes

There are five steps to clean your outdoor basketball shoes thoroughly, so let us move towards them.

Step- 1

The very first step in cleaning your outdoor basketball shoes is to remove all the dirt, debris, and mud on the surface of shoes. Removing the dirt from your shoes uses a stiff-bristled shoe brush as it easily removes all of it. And if there is wet mud on your shoes, you can use a damped or moist soft piece of cloth on it.

Step- 2

After you are done removing dirt from shoes, make a mixture of water with a few drops of detergent in it. It will prepare a mix like dish soap. Apply this mixture to your shoes with the help of a soft cloth. Do not damp the fabric in the mixture because it will get pretty difficult to clean the soapy material. Now clean the shoes with that piece of cloth thoroughly.

Note: Try not to use bleach or harsh detergents on your shoes because that can degrade your shoes’ quality and texture. Also, remove the shoelaces before cleaning and wash them separately.

Step- 3

This step includes the removal of inward soles. Wash these sole thoroughly and separately with the same waster mixed with detergent. Sprinkle some soda on the soles as soda works against the stinky smells. Please make sure the soles are thoroughly dried before putting them back in the shoes.

Step- 4

Now you have to rinse off the soapy mixture from the surface of shoes, so you have to damp a plain piece of cloth and clean the shoes thoroughly with it. Make sure there is no soap all over the shoes and also clean from insoles.

Step- 5

As you are done cleaning, you have to set the shoes in a warm and airy place where it can get dried off quickly. But do not put your basketball shoes in direct sunlight to dry them or do not use direct heat like a hair dryer or cloth dryer. If you try to dry your shoes this way, know that it will damage your shoes and loosen its stitching. Make sure you are not doing anything like that to make your shoes lose the grip and shape.

Note: Dry your shoes at your room temperature and put them in an airy spot.

Is Cleaning Basketball Shoes In The Washer Fine?

We hear many debates on cleaning basketball shoes in the washer, but I won’t refer anyone to use a washing machine for cleaning your basketball shoes because this is a harsh way of cleaning. Undoubtedly, your shoes can survive 1 to 2 cycles, but no one can guarantee you if your shoes are going to come out alive or not. Also, using this much chemical detergent on your shoes can ruin your shoes’ fabric and texture.

So, I will refer you to stick by the step as mentioned earlier, that are productive in cleaning your outdoor basketball shoes. If you plan to clean your shoes in a washing machine, make sure you are spinning shoes very slowly and gently. Also, avoid using much of any detergent and especially bleach.


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