Take Advantage of Total Relaxation with an Anxiety Blanket

If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, you know just how badly it can affect you during the day. Those with autism, adhd, or anxiety disorder are also negatively affected by poor sleep or panic attacks. Fortunately, a weighted blanket can help with such situations by applying deep pressure and calming the nervous system to help lower anxiety levels.

Deep pressure stimulation has been proven to be effective for those who suffer from high blood pressure, autism spectrum disorder, sleep apnea, or other sensory disorders. The weight of the blanket produces a calming effect, helping to lower your heart rate and reduce the stress created by the fight-or-flight response that often manifests during moments of anxiety.

Even hot sleepers can benefit from weighted blankets, as there are many that are made out of cotton fabric or microfiber and which actually feel like the cool side of a pillow. The Ynm weighted blanket, for example, is a five pound blanket that can be found on Amazon and has been highly regarded as a cooling blanket that can help you sleep better thanks to how breathable it is and the fact that it uses glass beads.

There are many health conditions that cause restless sleep, but a heavy blanket can promote wellness and contribute to your mental health by using deep pressure touch to keep you comfortable and secure. Sleep disorders can wreak havoc on your immune system, but those with a phd in occupational therapy have shown time and again that heavy blankets work to reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

The weight distribution of these blankets is consistent and the aforementioned occupational therapists recommend them for those who want to experience the benefits of restful sleep. Swaddling yourself in one of the best weighted blankets can help you sleep more soundly, decreasing cortisol levels while providing a serotonin boost upon awakening. No matter what your body weight, a gravity blanket with plastic pellets or glass beads can do a great job of helping you rest peacefully.

Minky makes soft, plush gravity blankets, some that even act as a duvet cover so that they look just like normal blankets for your bed. The removable cover is easy to wash and provides a customizable aesthetic.

These blankets are incredibly comfortable and offer the deep pressure you need to fall asleep soundly and without stress. Whether you suffer from anxiety disorder, autism, or other nervous system problems, you will fall asleep comfortably if you use a high quality anxiety blanket.

If you’ve been chasing that elusive night of quality sleep but haven’t quite been able to find it, a weighted blanket may just be the perfect item for you. Comfort, security, and rest may finally be on the table if you invest in a simple gravity blanket. It’s easy to see why these items have become such a hit in recent years. The experts rave about their effectiveness, and there’s no doubt that you’ll agree when you try one for yourself.


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