Will a Person’s BAC Go Down If They: Drink Coffee, Take A Cold Shower, or Vomit?

a Person’s BAC Go Down If They

How does BAC work? BAC is the amount of alcohol in your blood. It’s usually measured using either a breathalyzer or blood test. This can be done by either medical professionals or law enforcement officers for suspected DUI/ DWI cases depending on where you live. If the breathalyzer test isn’t available at a scene or … Read more

How To Design a Kitchen, Without Paying Any Fee?

design a kitchen

Many people while designing the home overlook the proper planning of the kitchen. As a result one of the most parts of a home i.e. kitchen misses many important amenities. The result of not having proper amenities means you have a space of which you are not utilizing properly. The kitchen is important for providing … Read more

Discover the Most Common Diseases Transmitted By Insects And Ticks

Insects And Ticks

There are thousands of different diseases present on the planet, some of which are deadly, others will simply make you seriously ill, and some diseases you’ll barely notice. The sad fact is that millions of people still die every year from diseases that are fully preventable. There are several ways in which diseases can be … Read more

What to Do in Case of a COVID-19 Positive Test Result?

COVID 19 Positive Test Result

COVID-19 testing is essential to accurately identifying who has been infected with COVID-19 and to containing the spread of this disease. The main types of COVID-19 tests work in different ways to diagnose infection or assess immunity.  Serology tests can detect antibodies against the causative agent of COVID-19 weeks or months after the first exposure … Read more

7 Common Migraine Myths Dispelled


People often use the same term headache for migraines but those who are familiar with these excruciating pains know best how wrong this nomenclature is! Headaches do not even come close to the pain that a person experiences during those episodes of migraine. But the only difference between a headache and a migraine is not … Read more