Amazing and Beautiful Birthday Cakes for Baby Girl

It feels like just yesterday when she was born. Ten little toes, ten little fingers, two little eyes, and one charming nose, the second you held her, you and your better half experienced passionate feelings for her! Well, she has grown up a bit but not a lot. She has grown out of your lap, … Read more

How Photos Are Put Over A Birthday Cake?

Every year as one turns a year older and wiser we tend to celebrate it over a scrumptious yet an appealing pound of birthday cake. As birthdays are nature‚Äôs way of telling us to have more cake, then why not we try out different types of cakes on birthdays. Trying that same old, regular birthday … Read more

8 Social Distancing Wellness Holidays To Boost Immunity


Due to the covid pandemic, most of the world population now agrees that health is the real wealth. People have started accepting home-cooked meals and a curb on carbs and junk food. Moreover, the uncertainties with the covid-19, online fitness training, meditation, and yoga classes during the lockdown have made people more health-conscious. Many countries … Read more

Enhancing the Productivity and Improving the Sleep of People Working In Shifts

Enhancing the Productivity and Improving the Sleep

There are lots of jobs around the whole world and it is true that traditionally most of them were centered on the 9 am to 5 pm work schedules but since businesses, factories and workplaces functioning round the clock more and more people are working in shifts now. There are many different types of shifts … Read more

Is eating Green and clean food the Best way to Preserve Our Youth?

Eating green and clean food

No matter what we do, our age simply catches upon us, it is simply impossible to completely stop the process of aging. But deep down, we are all a little rebel, aren’t we? Given that he can’t stop aging, we do everything in our power to slow down the process of aging for our body … Read more