Why is Lex Luger in a Wheelchair? Is it a Permanent or Temporary Issue?

Lex Luger is a famous WWE superstar known for his incredible physique and outstanding athletic ability. However, in 2007, after retiring from his wrestling career, he ended up in a wheelchair. Many of us don’t understand what caused this and is this permanent? Or is it just a temporary issue?

Why is Lex Luger in a wheelchair?

Lex Luger is in a wheelchair after being paralyzed. He was paralyzed temporarily due to a nerve impingement in his neck. This nerve impingement was caused by a spinal infarction that started while he was traveling by plane.

In an interview, he explained, “I injured my neck on an airplane from Atlanta to San Francisco.” “The way I had turned my neck while sitting on the plane had basically cut off my blood flow. It was just a freak accident, but it caused massive swelling from my C6 [vertebra], at the base of my neck, to my D5 in my chest. It paralyzed me from the neck down.”

Can Lex Luger walk at this time?

Although he was able to move on short distances, Lex Luger found it more and more difficult to renounce the wheelchair, according to recent interviews. So if you were wondering why is Lex Luger in a wheelchair, it has to do with a relapse that appeared after his treatment.

He finds it very difficult to move without a wheelchair anymore, which is very challenging in its own right. However, things can only get better and despite the issue, Lex Luger remains very hopeful that he will get better and he will receive that much-wanted Hall of Fame induction.

Right now, Lex Luger says that he can move on short distances, and special occasions like a Hall of Fame induction will certainly encourage him to move. Lex has control over the leg and arm functions, however, his spinal cord is still affected by the nerve issue. That’s the reason why he is still bound to his wheelchair for safety.

Will we see Lex Luger walking again?

As he ages, the chances of nerve damage diminishing are very low. However, the treatments that Lex Luger has been getting are very helpful. While the spinal damage is still an issue, Lex Luger states that he is slowly getting better and better. We can’t expect him walking without a wheelchair in the very near future, but at least his health is very stable and without any complications.

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