How relaxing music helps in anti stress

Relaxing music

Zen Lounge – Stress Relief Relaxing Sounds also reduce Anxiety: Anxiety and stress, a duo that has made us all suffer, who more than less. Knowing how to fight them is not easy, so the more information and tools we have, the better. One of them may be music, evocative of emotions par excellence that, … Read more

How the Art of Kaizen Can Reduce Infertility-Inducing Stress

Kaizen Can Reduce Infertility

Most couples dream of having a child of their own. Due to fateful circumstances, however, not all couples can conceive. A lot of things can cause infertility, and the fault should not be wholly placed with the females—sometimes, it’s the lifestyle that everyone currently leads that is to blame. Some studies have suggested that stress … Read more

Is Stress During Pregnancy Bad For Overall Health?

Is Stress During Pregnancy Bad For Overall Health? 1

Stress is unavoidable, but so many warn against its negative effects. If you don’t find a way to manage it, chronic stress causes a lot of other problems, like headaches, trouble sleeping, weight gain, and even depression. Under any circumstances, these side effects would be troubling, but it can be even worse during pregnancy. When … Read more