How the Art of Kaizen Can Reduce Infertility-Inducing Stress

Most couples dream of having a child of their own. Due to fateful circumstances, however, not all couples can conceive. A lot of things can cause infertility, and the fault should not be wholly placed with the females—sometimes, it’s the lifestyle that everyone currently leads that is to blame.

Some studies have suggested that stress can affect the psychological and physiological make-up of a person, including fertility, although there are also those who oppose the findings. And nowadays, anxiety can be inevitable. However, it doesn’t take a scientist to see that being under duress has adverse effects, and whether or not that includes infertility is not yet absolute.

A Philosophy on Productivity to Save Your Fertility

The Japanese have long been lauded for their work ethic and innovative practices, and that can be attributed to Kaizen, roughly translated to “good change”. Kaizen is the philosophy of making small yet regular improvements in your work until you meet the objectives.

The philosophy itself wasn’t developed by the Japanese, but by Depression-era, US-based business management theorists. The Japanese took to the idea and gave it the name Kaizen. Since then, many companies from various industries have adopted it to improve their operations and meet their end goals, the most common being car manufacturer, Toyota.

Kaizen is pretty straightforward—make small changes regularly until it culminates and turns significant; a change that is notable and helps you achieve goals. It’s useful for corporations that aim to break away from traditional ways and make way for innovation.

But while Kaizen has been associated with work, it can also be applied on a personal level. It is useful for dealing with relationships and even in maintaining one’s well-being. If utilized effectively, it may even help with stress-induced infertility.

Helping Your Mind Deal with the Stress

One of the techniques in Kaizen that can help rewire your brain to better deal with stress is mind sculpture. According to Dr Robert Maurer’s One Small Step Can Change Your Life, it’s “a still-imaginary sensory immersion that requires its practitioner to pretend that they are actually engaged in the action,” including how it will influence their five senses, bodies, and emotions.

During the process of a mind sculpture, you will imagine any event, experience, or occasion that usually causes you to feel stressed. Naturally, such occurrence will make you react negatively, but since the experience is all made up, you will try to change how you respond to it so it wouldn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.

You’ll try to do this regularly, and with any luck, you get to apply it on real-life events and see a change on how you handle stress until you can already maintain composure even in a nerve-wracking environment.


OB-GYNs will recommend different tests, procedures, and medications to increase the chance of conception, but if you believe that outside factors rather than internal ones cause your infertility, you can try for a natural approach instead. However, a doctor’s recommendation is still vital, so don’t forget to consult with your OB-GYN.

Much like how you apply Kaizen in your job, it will take time before you can better adapt to stress and have a better chance of being a parent. Maintain your small improvements to secure consistent gains, and so you won’t feel intimated by your end-goal. And of course, remember that you need to take one small step at a time.

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