The Immune System: What is it and How Does it Work?

Your immune system serves as your body’s primary defence mechanism against infections and diseases. Ensuring it’s in great shape and able to operate to its full capacity is so important. But why is the immune system so important? What can you do to improve it? Let’s find out.

Introducing the immune system 

The immune system is comprised of a complex network of cells that protect your body from bacteria, toxins, and viruses. Your overall health is totally dependent on the functioning of your immune system, and you would be lost without it. It’s helpful to think of your immune system as your body’s gatekeeper, ultimately deciding what can and cannot enter your body. If your immune system is off guard, outside agents have more chance of slipping in undetected. It’s for this reason that maintaining the health of your immune system is so vital.

How to maintain a healthy immune system 

Your immune system needs a helping hand if it’s to function to its full potential. If you’re particularly stressed, seldom exercise, or follow a bad diet, you put your immune system at risk of underperforming. It’s for this reason that keeping your gatekeepers on full alert is vital, and you can do this in a number of ways:

Remain calm 

Stress is one of the most damaging things for your immune system and often leads to infections. This is why people are more prone to picking up a cold or flu at the time of exams or during stressful periods of work. Practising manfulness meditation is a great way of keeping your body calm and reducing stress levels.

Exercise often 

Immunity and exercise go hand in hand. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, you limit the functionality of the cells within your immune system, which increases your susceptibility to infections. In some instances, a lack of exercise can cause your immune system to spring into action at the wrong time, which causes inflammation. While you don’t have to hit the gym every day, increasing the amount you exercise will greatly benefit your immunity.

Eat properly 

70% of your immune system is in your gut, highlighting the importance of a well-balanced diet. Your gut microbiome is central to your health and wellbeing, and fibre is one of the most important nutrients to include oil your diet. Also, getting enough omega-3s will help keep your immune system healthy.

Strengthen your immune system today 

The above tips will help you improve the health of your immune system and help your body stave off infections and diseases. Sons’ Wellmune Supplement contains Beta Glucan, a key ingredient that works alongside multivitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to stimulate the cells in your immune system and protect your body from infection. Now is the perfect time to take action to see a marked improvement in the functioning of your body’s immune system, and Sons’ supplement is the perfect tonic to get you started.

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