America’s Top 16 Plastic Surgeons in 2021

To get the best plastic surgery services, you must first of all connect with the best plastic surgeon in your place. The fact remains that there are many plastic surgeons out there today because of the increase in demand and exposure.   This is what makes it very confusing especially when you don’t have enough information about plastic surgeries. The good news is American Institute of Plastic surgeons has always been rating plastic surgeons giving you a list of the best practitioners in the country at the moment. Here are the top 50 plastic surgeons in 2019 according to the rating revealed by American Institute.

1. Dr. Caroline Glicksman

Although there are many plastic surgeons that match the skills of Dr. Caroline Glicksman, she matches as the top female plastic surgeon in New Jersey. So, if you live in New Jersey and wants to get breast augmentation surgeries, then this is among the best surgeons to help you.

2. Dr. Steven Teitelbaum

Dr. Steven lives in Santa Monica in Los Angeles. He brings top level knowledge and years of experience to make sure people that need reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery have the chance to trust his services. Today, he’s the Associate Clinical Professor at UCLA School of Medicine.

3. Dr. Bradley Bengtson

This man is one of the most respected pioneers of technology in plastic surgery. He is today recognized as a global breast surgeon .He’s also an educator in the Allergan National Education faculty. He has many years’ experience and the knowhow to facilitate safe breast augmentation.

4. Dr. Theodore Grestle

Another plastic surgeon that offers his experience and expertise in plastic surgery in the US is Dr. Theodore Grestle. Dr. Gerstle is one of the most experienced and qualified doctors that the country has to offer in specific surgeries such as Labiaplasty. Click this link to see Lexington PS Labiaplasty before and after photos. Dr. Gerstle currently owns and operates Lexington Plastic Surgery in Lexington, Kentucky. For Reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries, you can trust Dr. Theodore to help you. Dr. Gerstle is a Harvard trained Plastic Surgeon.

5. Dr. Andrew Jacono

Dr. Jacono is a facial plastic surgeon based in New York City. He is actually regarded as one of the world’s most accomplished facial plastic surgeons. If you are based in New York and needs his services, you could do nothing more than just scheduling an appointment with him.

6. Dr.Neil Gordon

In New York City, this surgeon is the most prominent for his surgical skills and authorship skills. He’s actually regarded as the best face surgeons in the US. Today, he is serving as a clinical faculty member at Yale. Over time, he has received a couple of honors for his surgical abilities. Among the honors include: Americas Best Doctor by US News.

7. Dr. Paul Nassif

Dr. Paul is highly recognized for his incomparable facial surgery skills. He’s very prominent in the streets of Beverly Hills.  Based on the ratting, he is regarded as the most gifted facial surgeon we have on earth today. He is actually known for his antigravity facelifts and writes many journals.

8. Dr. Julius Few

Dr. Few is from Chicago and still remains one of the best facial surgeons in the city. Over time, he has received honors for his reputation and excellence with his peers and the public at large. Among many other things, Dr. Few is known for his artistry in facial surgeries.

9. Dr. Mike Edwards

This plastic surgeon is based in Los Angeles with titles as one of the top plastic surgeons in the US. This man is recognized in America and globally for his high profile surgical skills. He has already performed plastic surgeries to many patients today.

10. Dr. Patricia McGuire

Among the best female plastic surgeons in the US, Dr. Patricia is high profiled plastic surgeons in St. Louis. She has been in the industry for a long time sharpening her skills in plastic surgery. Today, she serves as clinical Instructor of Surgery at Washington University School of medicine.

11. Dr. Steve Dayan

From St. Louis, lets head to Chicago where Dr. Steve is the most known. As a matter of fact, this surgeon has authored about 100 articles in some of the most known medicine journals. He also has five books and many other awaiting publications. He is today recognized as the USA bestselling author. He also features an uncommon level of surgery skills and experience which makes him the best at hand today.

12. Dr. Stuart Linder

This Doctor is among the best practicing plastic surgeons that America has today. He lives in Beverly Hills and certified to perform many types of plastic surgeries. Though, he has specified on body sculpting and reconstructive procedures. He’s also certified by the American Society of plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

13. Dr. Garth Fisher

This Doctor is the world’s most renowned plastic surgeon based in the US. He is certified by the American Board of plastic surgeons. He also has over 20 years in practice. This means he has the entire prowess and the experience to perform plastic and reconstructive surgeries. He has an office in Beverly Hills where he practices his career.

14. Dr. Steven Teitelbaum

This doctor is based in Santa Monica where he practices his medical career. He also boosts one of the longest careers in the country which means he has a lot of experience in plastic surgery. The man however, is highly known for his Breast and tummy works. He has actually performed plastic surgery for many years with most of his patients being very satisfied with the services rendered.

15. Dr. John Q. Owsley

Dr. John is situated in San Francisco operating as a Plastic surgeon. He’s highly known for his prowess in Facial surgery. He has actually wrote many books with the most popular being Aesthetic Facial Surgery. So, if you live in San Francisco, you can always book an appointment.

16. Dr. Anthony Yuon

Dr. Yuon is situated in Michigan known for his facial surgery skills. The best of all is his 3D volumetric facial lift. This is actually the reason why he’s known by everyone in the area. He has for the last few years performed some of the most sophisticated facial lifts bringing back the youthful facial volume.

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