Amazing benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Gingivitis

We often see many people get affected by many types of health issues. Including different types of gum and other mouth diseases. Gingivitis is one of them. Multiple data shows that more than half of the population nowadays get affected by different type of gum diseases. Let’s discuss this thing more deeply.

What is gingivitis?

According to the dentist and medical science, gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums. Which caused by a type of bacterial infection. It is better to treat those problems as soon as possible. Because those dental infections can be more dangerous as the days go.

Due to bacterial infection, many people face bad breath (also called Halitosis), tooth decay, and problems in gum, etc. However, it can be controlled by changing your regular toothpaste and get one which is medically proven to fight against bad breath.

It can put both your wallet and health on a stake. According to a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, American people spent an estimated $117 billion on dental services just in 2015 (1) .It is not strange that spending in this sector is rising day by day. Dental services are really expensive.

What causes gingivitis?

Everybody knows about then gum. Now, If you look closely you will back down the edges of gum and teeth. It is like the point where you will see, gun holding the around the teeth. There you will see a very small space, which is also known as Sulcus.

As we know we have lots of bacteria in our mouth. It also forms in a film, which later called plaque. Sometimes those foods and plaque get trapped in this space and cause gum infection which known by gingivitis.

As time goes and plaques get harden, it formed into tartar. And day by day it starts to separate gum from the teeth. Sometimes it develops infection below the gum line. When people cannot figure out or never care for there dental health it became worse.

Because this problem can cause injury to the soft tissues. And the bone that gives support to our teeth. For the same reason, teeth lose their strength. Finally, You have to lose your teeth.


Good news is that you can avoid this problem by taking proper treatment in the proper time. Maybe you are thinking about how. You can use natural remedies on its early stage. You can perform some simple things, which will prevent those problems. But if your problem is in the early stage, make no mistake and go to a dentist for the best treatment.

As we discussed earlier there is multiple things that you can you can use to avoid gingivitis. Including:

Apple cider Vinegar

Believe or not apple cider vinegar is one of the known remedies for many health problems. It has been used as a natural remedy for a long time. It is also proven that human being using this for more than 5000 years. There are multiple historical scripts mentioned the health benefits of ACV.

Now maybe you have had thought on how to use it properly? What else I need? How many time I have to use this?

Dont worry, I will discuss more briefly, so you dont have any question left.

Firstly, You will need two items.

  • One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a glass of water
  • Mix the water with apple cider vinegar.
  • Now take those mixtures and rinse them on your tooth/gum, mouth.
    You can also use those mixtures for gargle.

You can follow those steps and use ACV mixture for the 2-3 time a day. Or you can use them after a meal.

Simply apple cider vinegar has a good amount of acidity. And it brings back the normal ph level. And so bacteria and plaque cannot form in the empty space between gum and teeth. Besides maintaining the ph level these are also essential for a clean mouth.


As we know our teeth have a layer, which also known as enamel. Too much acidity effect this layer. If you thinking of using Apple cider vinegar, let me remind me of one single rules. Dont use any acidic before 2 hours after using apple cider vinegar.


Everything has both good effect and bad effect. Like we can see here apple cider vinegar can fight against plaque and bacteria. But using it without knowing full details can harm the teeth enamel. Always take care of your health. And sometimes go for checkup before anything bad evolve in a advanced level.

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