Does rice cause acne? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

That’s true that some food is responsible for many health issues. That includes several kinds of skin problem. Before jump into this weather rice causes acne or not, let see the relation between them.

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What is acne?

According to medical science, acne is a chronic inflammatory skin condition. It is one of the most common skin problems. Just in the United State, more than 50million people get affected with acne every single year.


There are many things that are the main cause of acne. there are plenty of causes, but some of them are pretty common. That includes

  • Oil Production
  • Bacteria
  • Hair follicle clogged by oil or dead skin cell
  • Androgens imbalance
  • Bad or Imbalanced food habit


When a person gets affected with acne problem. The symptom can be seen without any magnification. That including

  • Open plugged pores or blackheads
  • Closed plugged pores or whiteheads
  • Pimple or pustules (papules that has pus at the tip)
  • Nodules (These are large, solid, painful lump beneath the surface of the skin)
  • Cystic Lesions ( These are painful pus filed lumps beneath the surface of our skin)

As we discussed earlier. Bad diet can be the main cause of the acne problem. This the exact same way rice can cause acne problem. This is not an assumption like many other blogs or videos. This a proven fact by medical science. Let me break this topic into more pieces, so you can understand.

Earlier I mentioned that inflammation plays a big role in developing acne. It occurs on the early stage. And our diet also can be a cause of inflation. Now some food push those things into edges, such as

  • Dairy
  • High Glycemic Food
  • Iodine)
  • etc.

Which can push our system to activate hormones like insulin? Resulting in our skin forms the acne.

After eating high glycemic food. It boosts our insulin level in our body like a spike. Which also known as IGF-1 factor.

These IGF factor Does can cause different thing. Both can be the main or lead cause of developing acne. Firstly it boosts the rate of oil production in our skin. Which can clog out hair follicles? later it will transform into acne.

Secondly, it also related to epidermal hyperplasia and hyperkeratosis. Both of them are one of the main cause of acne. Maybe you are thinking about how. This two factor causes thinking of skin outer layer. Then enlargement of tissues and organs associated with our organic cell production.

As we mentioned earlier. It is possible that consuming rice can be the main cause of acne. Because of it a High Glycemic Food. Which is not so good for the skin. But consuming them on a scale is the best approach to avoid those issues.


Beside modern treatment, you can also try natural remedies to treat and stop your acne problem. There are plenty of resources based on this topic. For more skin and beauty tips you can check use several platforms.

But let me tell you one thing very carefully. No matter how many acne you have, do not touch them or press them. Because it can cause infection. Some time bacteria spread the infection into several areas on the skin.

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