15 Amazing Health Benefits of Bael Fruit (Aegle Marmelos)

Bael Fruit also is known as “Wood Apple” in the western country. But it has many other local names. Its Scientific Name Aegle Marmelos.Uses of this fruit spread throughout Native India, Bangladesh, and south-east Asia.

This aromatic fruit is used for both spiritual and medicinal purposes. This fruit tree is sacred In Hindu Religion. And Juice of Bael used as Natural Remedy since 2000BC.


Bael Fruit Health Benefits

It has lots of health benefits, Below here we add some of them.

Control Diabetes

Different Researcher indicates its diabetes controlling properties. But is 2003 a medical journal Named Journal of Ethnopharmacology published a study where they show that that fruit can control Insulin and Glucose in blood. And also reduce spikes and plunges which are dangerous to diabetics. It can also balance Suger of the bloodstream.

Fight Liver Problem

This Fruit is a rich source of Thiamine and Riboflavin. Also known as vitamin B1 And Vitamin B2. And Vitamin B is very important for our Liver health. It helps to fight liver injury.

There is a herb called Boldo. It also can help to fight against the liver problem.

Treat Diarrhea

In 2009 a study was published where a researcher found that extract of Unripe Bael contains anti-bacterial properties, which can help to fight Diarrhea that caused by bacterial infection.

Prevent Malaria

The pulp of this fruit used as a herbal cosmetic in south-east Asia. And People of those areas is mostly affected by malaria. Many studies suggest that extract of this pulp maybe help to prevent malaria.

Best Remedy For Scurvy

We all know Scurvy is a disease that causes due to lack of Vitamin C. That’s mean good source of vitamin c can be helpful to prevent this. This Fruit contains 60 mg(Per 100 gm)of Vitamin C. Scurvy patient can Drink Bael Juice as Natural Remedy.

Help to fight Skin Problem

This fruit contains lots of powerful element and vitamins which can help to restore skin health. And fights many skin problems. Powder of fruit being used for many problems.

You can add this  as an ingredient on your Anti-Aging Juice Recipe

Prevent Heart diseases

It also used to Prevent heart problems. Lots of Indian used this as a Natural remedy of a heart problem. And people drink the pulp to stop Heart disease.

Purify Blood

The mixture of Bael, warm water, and sugar is used for blood purification. And it also removes toxins which cause extensive damage to our body.

Fight Against Fever

Fever is a common health problem. But sometimes it can be worst. The mixture of Bael Pulp and Honey is used as Natural Remedy for fever.

Cure Ear Aches

Bael tree Root and Oil is very effective for the ear problem. Because it helps to prevent bacterial, fungal and other infection. And this fruit has different medicinal properties help to cure ear pain and infection.

Solve Respiratory Problem

Different Part of Bael Fruit and tree used to cure the different respiratory problem. It also helps people to avoid chronic, respiratory-related conditions. It Also helps to cure Sore Throat and Cough.

Fight Ulcer

It helps to reduce Acidity in our stomach dramatically. Which help to fight ulcers gastric ulcers, gastroduodenal ulcers, etc.

Good for Kidney

Juice of Bael is a great detox. It helps to fight against the toxin. Regular Consumption of Bael juice is suggested for people who have kidney Problems. It protects our kidney in many ways.

Boost Energy

One Hundred Grams Bael Pulp Contain 137 k.Calorie. And Its Nutrients help to boost both organ activity and metabolic speed. And Good ration of protein help to heal faster.

Cure for Haemorrhoids

Juice of Unripes Bael  Contains lots of Tanin. Tanin helps to cure hemorrhoids.

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