Best Treatment for Dissolving Sebum Plugs on the Scalp or Skin

In the human body, different organs have different roles to play in order to keep the body working perfectly. The role of Sebacceous Gland has a specific role to play with. It produces enough sebum which is essential for keeping the skin and hair naturally hydrated. This process helps to keep our skin and scalp free from bacteria, fungus, grime, and dirt by pushing out them from the hair follicles and from the pores. This is a natural process that occurs automatically unless there is any kind of obstacles or disturbance.

How does Sebum Plug Develop on Scalp?

Step 1: Sebum Plugs can be developed for many reasons and those are very common. More or less, all of us use soap, shampoo, hair gel, hair spray, or oil on our hair and skin to take care of them or for beautification purposes. The residue of soap, shampoo, or oil capture dirt and grim and gather them at the opening of follicles. These pollutants gradually shut the opening of the follicles. In this situation, the sebum glands start producing more oil naturally and they become unable to go out pushing away the plugs for hydrating the hair and skin what they naturally do.

Step 2: Later, there arise many kinds of problems. The opening of hair follicles becomes closed due to the development of sebum plugs at the opening on the hair shaft. This problem gets worse gradually. Then it becomes a fertile breeding place for harmful fungi and bacteria. This situation may lead to different types of scalp and skin problems such as psoriasis, hypothyroidism, folliculitis, tinea capitis, itching, pimples, scalp bumps, flaking, and many more. Many researchers found that, primarily sebum plugs to close the openings of hair follicles and later it surrounds the hair roots gradually and disturbs the natural hair growth. It triggers hair thinning and causes quick hair loss.

Bad Effects of Sebum Plugs

Oxygen and different types of nutrition are required for the natural growth of hair. If the oxygen and the supply of nutrition are lessened, natural hair growth disturbs and results in many kinds of problems. Hair thinning and hair fall are the most commonly seen effects among them. Sebum plug is mainly responsible for these types of skin and scalp problems. Sebum plug causes inflammation in the follicles which obstructs the natural oxygen and nutrition flow needed for natural hair growth. If the situation lasts long, diseases like Seborrhea may develop which ultimately leads to hair thinning and hair falls.

Solution to Sebum Plugs:

The development of Sebum Plugs on the scalp or skin is very harmful. It hinders the hydration process which occurs naturally. It causes different kinds of problems and hampers the natural growth of hair. Sebum build up on scalp causes inflammation in the follicles which gradually results in many skin and scalp diseases.

Sebum build up on scalp
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The development of sebum plugs is shown in the pictures below. It’s a microscopic view.

Primarily it develops at the root of hair follicles and later it surrounds the root like a rim of hard candy. Dirt, fungus, bacteria, etc. gather here and it becomes and fertile breeding place for them. Many researches have been conducted on numerous well-renowned hair oils, amino acids, vitamins, and so on to find out the reasons behind sebum plugs development under the hair follicle and to find out the way to dissolve them. But only a few of them found it effective to dissolve the sebum plugs.

Without cleansing and proper removal of sebum plugs, it’s not possible to get healthy hair. To ensure the natural growth of hair, only the removal of sebum plugs is not enough, you have to purify it all otherwise the symptoms will remain and it will be back again. But it is not an easy task.

Recently, a group of researchers invented a product name ZINCPLEX  by blending numerous herbal ingredients and ZincPCa minerals. This solution has been proven very effective to dissolve the sebum plugs and ensures your natural and healthy hair growth. If you think you are suffering from this problem which may lead to hair thinning and hair loss, you can use this solution to get rid of scalp oil builds. It has no side effects as it is from a good combination of different herbal resources. This solution can be applied to dissolve sebum plugs completely.

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