The Best Breakfast to Eat Before Any Type of Workout

You should give your body and brain the fuel and energy they need. Whether you are eating breakfast before a workout, you’re not hungry, or are running out the door.

Breakfast Before A Workout:

Make sure that the muscle building protein is a priority when you are having breakfast before a workout. You should make a combo of 1/4 cup each granola, chopped almonds, raisins, dried cranberries and rolled oats with low fat milk. Feel free to eat half and save the rest for next day, depending on your calorie needs. 

Some other pre workout breakfasts are described below:

Hardboiled Or Fried Egg And Avocado Toast:

Avocado toast never fails. When you have a heartier desire for food, then try this pre workout version and add a hard-boiled or fried egg on top with adding more protein. There are many ways to get interpret here, but this classic combination before a morning run is just as an amazing thing.

Fresh Strawberry Parfait With Cottage Cheese:

Cottage cheese gives the parfait a light and creamy texture and adds a little extra fat, which will keep you feeling satisfied longer.

Peanut Butter and Banana Chia Seed Toast:

Peanut butter and banana is the perfect breakfast for having it in the morning as a snack diet in morning. For a longer workout breakfast, you should eat healthy breakfast and spread both on one slice of entire wheat toast and add a spray of Chia seeds for a pop of extra nutrition and crunch.

Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Greek Yogurt Waffles:

Waking up early on the weekend can be tough. Although the protein packed waffles will look like a treat, these are the perfect balance of nutrients to stimulate your body for the long haul. Have one half of a waffle before and save the rest of waffle for after your workout.

Banana Nut Breakfast Parfait:

The banana bread stimulated parfait is not nearly as difficult as baking up a sweet treat. You can pre make a few and then pop them in the fridge for a grab and go snack on busy days.

Baked Broccoli Cheese and Pepper Omelet:

Omelets are one of everyone’s favorite foods anytime of the day. You can also add your favorite veggies with them since you are working out and go easy on the full fat cheese. This baked style dish makes it easy to portion out snack sizes, or you can easily make them in a muffin pan.

Almond Butter Banana and Coconut Energy Bowl:

By mashing up eggs with a banana and then topping them with some apples, coconut, and almond butter, then you will get some kind of grain free oatmeal. This is an immense perfect recipe one to make your night before and eat in a travel cup on your way to your favorite morning as breakfast for workout.

Benefits of Working Out before Eating 

When your body is no longer processing food around 3 to 6 hours after eating then your workout shows some benefits. Sometimes it is recommended to improve fat burning, or encourages your body to rely on stored energy, instead of energy from recently digested food, as fuel. Your blood glucose and glycogen is often used up after a nights sleep. When there is less energy available in the bloodstream from a recent meal, then your body may burn more fats during the exercise. 

Here is what happens to your body when you workout before breakfast: 

  • Adipose cells are broken down
  • Increased blood flow to the stomach
  • Fat on the loose from cells is burned as fuel
  • Breakdown of adipose tissue is stored around the abdomen
  • Increase in the hormones that support the use of energy stored as fat

So you can see the potentially benefits when your goal is to shift fat. 

When an Empty Stomach Workout Is Not Good:

If your blood glucose and glycogen are completely used up then this can sometimes result in muscle tissue being used up for energy. This is something we do not want, as muscle is what gives you definition, shape and tone. Typically, if you were at this stage, you would not be feeling that great either. Though, this condition would be an extreme one but most of us have a meal a few hours before going to sleep. With the active lives we lead, we may not always get the not compulsory 8 hours of sleep. This means that the possibility of completely consuming your glucose and glycogen level I blood stores while sleeping is slight. Despite the fact that some people may come across they still have enough energy to work out when fasted.

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